Department of Physics

Indian Institute Of Technology Madras , Chennai
Dr. Basudev Roy
MSB 322B

Assistant Professor


IISER Kolkata


Experimental soft matter physics, high resolution imaging and optical tweezers


044 - 2257 4843


 Current Research :

 Recent Publications :

Breaking the diffraction limit in absorption spectroscopy using upconverting nanoparticles

Kumar, Sumeet; Gunaseelan, M.; Vaippully, Rahul; Banerjee, Ayan; Roy, Basudev


Year: 2021

Continuous rotational motion in birefringent particles using two near-orthogonally polarized optical tweezers beams at different wavelengths with low ellipticity

Vaippully, Rahul; Lokesh, Muruga; Roy, Basudev

Journal of Optics (UK)

Year: 2021

Measurement of viscoelastic properties of the cellular cytoplasm using optically trapped Brownian probes

Vaippully, Rahul; Ramanujam, Vaibavi; Bajpai, Saumendra; Roy, Basudev

Journal of Physics Condensed Matter

Year: 2020

Pitch-rotational manipulation of single cells and particles using single-beam thermo-optical tweezers

Sumeet Kumar, M. Gunaseelan, Rahul Vaippully, Amrendra Kumar, Gaurav Vaidya, S. Dutta, Basudev Roy

Biomedical Optics Express

Year: 2020

Detection of sub-degree angular fluctuations of the local cell membrane slope using optical tweezers

Vaippully, Rahul; Ramanujan, Vaibavi; Gopalakrishnan, Manoj; Bajpayee, Saumendra; Roy, Basudev

Soft Matter

Year: 2020

Trapped in out-of-equilibrium stationary state: Hot Brownian motion in optically trapped upconverting nanoparticles

Sumeet Kumar, A. Kumar, Gunaseelan M., R. Vaippully, D. Chakraborty, J. Senthilselvan and Basudev Roy

Frontiers in Physics

DOI: 10.3389/fphy.2020.570842

Year: 2020

Self-assembly and complex manipulation of colloidal mesoscopic particles by active thermocapillary stress

Ghosh, Subhrokoli; Biswas, Aritra; Roy, Basudev; Banerjee, Ayan

Soft Matter

Year: 2019

Study of adhesivity of surfaces using rotational optical tweezers

Rahul Vaippully, Dhanush Bhatt, Anand Dev Ranjan and Basudev Roy

Physica Scripta

Year: 2019

Detection of self-generated nanowaves on the interface of an evaporating sessile water droplet

Bhatt, D.; Vaippully, R.; Kharbanda, B.; Ranjan, A.; Dharod, V.; Satapathy, D.; Roy, B.

Optics express

Year: 2019

Determination of pitch rotation in a spherical birefringent microparticle

Basudev Roy*, Avin Ramaiya, Erik Schaffer

Journal of Optics

Year: 2018

Phragmoplast Orienting Kinesin 2 is a weak motor switching between processive and diffusive modes

Mayank Chugh, Maja Reissner, Michael Bugiel, Elisabeth Lipka, Arvid Herrmann, Basudev Roy, Sabine Mueller, Erik Schaffer

Biophysical Journal

Year: 2018

Free and confined Brownian motion in viscoelastic Stokes-Oldroyd B fluids

Shuvojit Paul, Basudev Roy, Ayan Banerjee

Journal of Physics: Condensed matter

Year: 2018

Kinesin rotates unidirectionally and generates torque while walking on microtubules

Avin Ramaiya*, Basudev Roy*, Michael Bugiel and Erik Schaffer

Proceedings of National Academy of Sciences (USA)

Year: 2017

Direct verification of the fluctuation-dissipation relation in viscously coupled oscillators

Shuvojit Paul, Abhrajit Laskar, Rajesh Singh, Basudev Roy, Ronojoy Adhikari, Ayan Banerjee

Physical Review E (Rapid Communications)

Year: 2017

Using Brownian motion to measure shape asymmetry in mesoscopic matter using optical tweezers

Basudev Roy, Argha Mondal, Sudipta Bera, Ayan Banerjee

Soft Matter

Volume: 12 Page: 5077

Year: 2016

Exploring the phase explosion point of water using SOM-mediated micro-bubbles (Invited Paper).

Basudev Roy, Mayukh Panja, Subhrokoli Ghosh, Supratim Sengupta, Dibyendu Nandy, Ayan Banerjee

New Journal of Chemistry

Year: 2015

Site specific supramolecular heterogeneous catalysis by optically patterned soft oxometalate– porous organic framework (SOM–POF) hybrid on a chip

Preethi Thomas, Pei Cuiying, Basudev Roy, Subhrokoli Ghosh, Santu Das, Ayan Banerjee, Teng Ben, Shilun Qiu, Soumyajit Roy

Journal of Materials Chemistry A

Year: 2015

Enhanced richness of notes by modulation of boundary conditions in a stringed musical instrument

Basudev Roy

Current Science

Year: 2014

Simultaneous detection of rotational and translational motion in optical tweezers by measurement of backscattered intensity

Basudev Roy, Bera Sudipta K., Ayan Banerjee

Optics Letters

Year: 2014

Self-Assembly of Mesoscopic Materials To Form Controlled and Continuous Patterns by Thermo-Optically Manipulated Laser Induced Microbubbles

Basudev Roy, Manish Arya, Preethi Thomas, Julius Konstantin Jurgschat, K. Venkata Rao, Ayan Banerjee, Chilla Malla Reddy, Soumyajit Roy


Year: 2013