Department of Physics

Indian Institute Of Technology Madras , Chennai
Dr. Basudev Roy
HSB 271

Associate Professor


IISER Kolkata


Experimental soft matter physics, high resolution imaging and optical tweezers


044 - 2257 4843


 Current Research :

 Recent Publications :

Temporal evolution of viscoelasticity of soft colloid laden air-water interface: A multiple mode microrheology study

Jose, Merin; Lokesh, Muruga; Vaippully, Rahul, Satapathy, Dillip; Roy, Basudev

RSC Advances

Year: 2022

Generation of partial roll rotation in a hexagonal NaYF4 particle by switching between different optical trapping configurations

Lokesh, Muruga; Nalupurackal, Gokul; Roy, Srestha; Chakraborty, Snigdhadev; Goswami, Jayesh; Gunaseelan, M.; Roy, Basudev

Optics Express

Year: 2022

A hydro-thermophoretic trap for microparticles near a gold-coated substrate

Nalupurackal, G.; Gunaseelan, M.; Roy, S.; Lokesh, M.; Kumar, S; Vaippully, R.; Singh, R.; Roy, Basudev

Soft Matter

Year: 2022

Continuous rotational motion in birefringent particles using two near-orthogonally polarized optical tweezers beams at different wavelengths with low ellipticity

Rahul Vaippully, Muruga Lokesh and Basudev Roy

Journal of Optics

Volume: 23 Page: 094001

Year: 2021

Estimation of motional parameters using emission from upconverting nanoparticles optically trapped at the absorption resonance

Kumar, Amrendra; Gunaseelan, M.; Vaidya, Gaurav; Vaippully, Rahul; Roy, Basudev

European Physical Journal Special Topics

Year: 2021

Calcium-channel blockers exhibit divergent regulation of cancer extravasation through the mechanical properties of cancer cells and underlying vascular endothelial cells

Vaibavi Ramanujam, Manoj S., Rahul Vaippully, Privita Edwina, Basudev Roy and Saumendra Bajpai

Cell Biophysics and Biochemistry

Year: 2021

Estimation of rolling work of adhesion at the nanoscale with soft probing using optical tweezers

Muruga Lokesh, Rahul Vaippully, Gokul N, Srestha Roy, Vidya P. Bhallamudi, Anil Prabhakar and Basudev Roy

RSC Advances

Volume: 11 Page: 34636

Year: 2021

Realisation of pitch-rotational torque wrench in two-beam optical tweezers

Muruga Lokesh, Rahul Vaippully, Vidya P. Bhallamudi, Anil Prabhakar and Basudev Roy

Journal of Physics Communications

Volume: 5 Page: 115015

Year: 2021

Breaking the diffraction limit in absorption spectroscopy using upconverting nanoparticles

Kumar, Sumeet; Gunaseelan, M.; Vaippully, Rahul; Banerjee, Ayan; Roy, Basudev


Year: 2021

Continuous rotational motion in birefringent particles using two near-orthogonally polarized optical tweezers beams at different wavelengths with low ellipticity

Vaippully, Rahul; Lokesh, Muruga; Roy, Basudev

Journal of Optics (UK)

Year: 2021

Measurement of viscoelastic properties of the cellular cytoplasm using optically trapped Brownian probes

Vaippully, Rahul; Ramanujam, Vaibavi; Bajpai, Saumendra; Roy, Basudev

Journal of Physics Condensed Matter

Year: 2020

Pitch-rotational manipulation of single cells and particles using single-beam thermo-optical tweezers

Sumeet Kumar, M. Gunaseelan, Rahul Vaippully, Amrendra Kumar, Gaurav Vaidya, S. Dutta, Basudev Roy

Biomedical Optics Express

Year: 2020

Detection of sub-degree angular fluctuations of the local cell membrane slope using optical tweezers

Vaippully, Rahul; Ramanujan, Vaibavi; Gopalakrishnan, Manoj; Bajpayee, Saumendra; Roy, Basudev

Soft Matter

Year: 2020

Trapped in out-of-equilibrium stationary state: Hot Brownian motion in optically trapped upconverting nanoparticles

Sumeet Kumar, A. Kumar, Gunaseelan M., R. Vaippully, D. Chakraborty, J. Senthilselvan and Basudev Roy

Frontiers in Physics

DOI: 10.3389/fphy.2020.570842

Year: 2020

Self-assembly and complex manipulation of colloidal mesoscopic particles by active thermocapillary stress

Ghosh, Subhrokoli; Biswas, Aritra; Roy, Basudev; Banerjee, Ayan

Soft Matter

Year: 2019

Study of adhesivity of surfaces using rotational optical tweezers

Rahul Vaippully, Dhanush Bhatt, Anand Dev Ranjan and Basudev Roy

Physica Scripta

Year: 2019

Detection of self-generated nanowaves on the interface of an evaporating sessile water droplet

Bhatt, D.; Vaippully, R.; Kharbanda, B.; Ranjan, A.; Dharod, V.; Satapathy, D.; Roy, B.

Optics express

Year: 2019

Determination of pitch rotation in a spherical birefringent microparticle

Basudev Roy*, Avin Ramaiya, Erik Schaffer

Journal of Optics

Year: 2018

Phragmoplast Orienting Kinesin 2 is a weak motor switching between processive and diffusive modes

Mayank Chugh, Maja Reissner, Michael Bugiel, Elisabeth Lipka, Arvid Herrmann, Basudev Roy, Sabine Mueller, Erik Schaffer

Biophysical Journal

Year: 2018

Free and confined Brownian motion in viscoelastic Stokes-Oldroyd B fluids

Shuvojit Paul, Basudev Roy, Ayan Banerjee

Journal of Physics: Condensed matter

Year: 2018

Kinesin rotates unidirectionally and generates torque while walking on microtubules

Avin Ramaiya*, Basudev Roy*, Michael Bugiel and Erik Schaffer

Proceedings of National Academy of Sciences (USA)

Year: 2017

Direct verification of the fluctuation-dissipation relation in viscously coupled oscillators

Shuvojit Paul, Abhrajit Laskar, Rajesh Singh, Basudev Roy, Ronojoy Adhikari, Ayan Banerjee

Physical Review E (Rapid Communications)

Year: 2017

Using Brownian motion to measure shape asymmetry in mesoscopic matter using optical tweezers

Basudev Roy, Argha Mondal, Sudipta Bera, Ayan Banerjee

Soft Matter

Volume: 12 Page: 5077

Year: 2016

Exploring the phase explosion point of water using SOM-mediated micro-bubbles (Invited Paper).

Basudev Roy, Mayukh Panja, Subhrokoli Ghosh, Supratim Sengupta, Dibyendu Nandy, Ayan Banerjee

New Journal of Chemistry

Year: 2015

Site specific supramolecular heterogeneous catalysis by optically patterned soft oxometalate– porous organic framework (SOM–POF) hybrid on a chip

Preethi Thomas, Pei Cuiying, Basudev Roy, Subhrokoli Ghosh, Santu Das, Ayan Banerjee, Teng Ben, Shilun Qiu, Soumyajit Roy

Journal of Materials Chemistry A

Year: 2015

Enhanced richness of notes by modulation of boundary conditions in a stringed musical instrument

Basudev Roy

Current Science

Year: 2014

Simultaneous detection of rotational and translational motion in optical tweezers by measurement of backscattered intensity

Basudev Roy, Bera Sudipta K., Ayan Banerjee

Optics Letters

Year: 2014

Self-Assembly of Mesoscopic Materials To Form Controlled and Continuous Patterns by Thermo-Optically Manipulated Laser Induced Microbubbles

Basudev Roy, Manish Arya, Preethi Thomas, Julius Konstantin Jurgschat, K. Venkata Rao, Ayan Banerjee, Chilla Malla Reddy, Soumyajit Roy


Year: 2013