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Indian Institute Of Technology Madras , Chennai
Dr. Chandra Kant Mishra
HSB 233

Assistant Professor


IISc Bangalore


Gravitational Waves


044 - 2257  4860


 Current Research :

 Recent Publications :

Testing the binary black hole nature of a compact binary coalescence

N. V. Krishnendu, K. G. Arun, Chandra Kant Mishra

Physical Review Letters

Volume: 119 Page: 091101 DOI:

Year: 2017

Testing general relativity using gravitational wave signals from the inspiral, merger and ringdown of binary black holes

Abhirup Ghosh, Nathan K. Johnson-McDaniel, Archisman Ghosh, Chandra Kant Mishra, Parameswaran Ajith, Walter Del Pozzo, Christopher P. L. Berry, Alex B. Nielsen, Lionel London


Year: 2017

Accurate inspiral-merger-ringdown gravitational waveforms for non-spinning black-hole binaries including the effect of subdominant modes

Ajit Kumar Mehta, Chandra Kant Mishra, Vijay Varma, Parameswaran Ajith


Year: 2017

Gravitational-wave phasing for low-eccentricity inspiralling compact binaries to 3PN order

Blake Moore, Marc Favata, K. G. Arun, Chandra Kant Mishra

Physical Review D

Volume: 93 Page: 124061 DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevD.93.124061

Year: 2016

Testing general relativity using golden black-hole binaries

Abhirup Ghosh, Archisman Ghosh, Nathan K. Johnson-McDaniel, Chandra Kant Mishra, Parameswaran Ajith, Walter Del Pozzo, David A. Nichols, Yanbei Chen, Alex B. Nielsen, Christopher P. L. Berry, Lionel London

Physical Review D

Volume: 94 Page: 021101(R) DOI:

Year: 2016

Ready-to-use post-Newtonian gravitational waveforms for binary black holes with non-precessing spins: An update

Chandra Kant Mishra, Aditya Kela, K. G. Arun, Guillaume Faye

Physical Review D

Volume: 93 Page: 084054 DOI:

Year: 2016

Third post-Newtonian gravitational waveforms for compact binary systems in general orbits: Instantaneous terms

Chandra Kant Mishra, K. G. Arun, Bala R. Iyer

Physical Review D

Volume: 91 Page: 084040 DOI:

Year: 2015

Synergy of short gamma ray burst and gravitational wave observations: Constraining the inclination angle of the binary and possible implications for off-axis gamma ray bursts

K. G. Arun, Hideyuki Tagoshi, Archana Pai, Chandra Kant Mishra

Physical Review D

Volume: 90 Page: 024060 DOI:

Year: 2014

Parameter estimation of neutron star-black hole binaries using an advanced gravitational-wave detector network: Effects of the full post-Newtonian waveform

Hideyuki Tagoshi, Chandra Kant Mishra, Archana Pai, K. G. Arun

Physical Review D

Volume: 90 Page: 024053 DOI:

Year: 2014