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Surface, Interface, and Defects controlled Structure-Property Correlations: Synthesis, Structure and Properties of Magnetic, Optical and Electronic Materials, Materials for Solar cells and batteries


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Multi Functional Materials

Recent Book :

Experimental and theoretical investigations of dopant, defect, and morphology control on the magnetic and optical properties of transition metal doped ZnO nanoparticles

Jayakumar, O.D., Persson, C., Tyagi, A.K., Sudakar C*.

Springer India


Volume 180 of the series Springer Series in Materials Science pp 341-370 (DOI: 10.1007/978-81-322-1160-0_17)

The role of defects in functional oxide nanostructures

Sudakar, C., Singh, S., Rao, M.S.R., Lawes, G.

Springer Series in Materials Science


Volume 149 of the series Springer Series in Materials Science pp 37-68 (DOI: 10.1007/978-1-4419-9931-3_3)

Role of defects, surface and interface disorders and clusters on the magnetic properties of transition metal doped semiconducting oxide thin films

Sudakar, C.*

Nova Science Publishers


pp. 107-134

 Current Research :

 Recent Publications :

Enhanced high rate capability of Li intercalation in planar and edge defect-rich MoS2 nanosheets

Akshay Kumar Budumuru, Benadict Rakesh and Chandran Sudakar


Volume: 11 Page: 8882 DOI: DOI: 10.1039/C9NR02043H

Year: 2019

Influence of chemical solution growth and vacuum annealing on the properties of (100) pseudocubic oriented BiFeO3 thin films

Nandy S, Sudakar C

Journal of Applied Physics, 126, 135303,

Year: 2019

Oxygen non-stoichiometry in TiO2 and ZnO nano rods: Effect on the photovoltaic properties of dye and Sb2S3 sensitized solar cells

Sharma V, Das TK, Ilaiyaraja P, Sudakar C

Solar Energy, 191, 400-9,

Year: 2019

Optical Whispering Gallery-Enabled Enhanced Photovoltaic Efficiency of CdS-CuInS2 Thin Film-Sensitized Whisperonic Solar Cells

Ilaiyaraja P, Das TK, Mocherla PSV, Sudakar C

Journal of Physical Chemistry C. 2019;123(3):1579-86,

Year: 2019

Quantum Dot Sensitized Whisperonic Solar Cells—Improving Efficiency Through Whispering Gallery Modes

Athrey Cholasettyhalli Dakshinamurthy, Tapan Kumar Das, P. Ilaiyaraja and Chandran Sudakar

Front. Mater.

Volume: 6 Page: 282

Year: 2019

High-rate and long-cycle life performance of nano-porous nano-silicon derived from mesoporous MCM-41 as an anode for lithium-ion battery

G.C.Shivaraju, C.Sudakar, A.S.Prakash

Electrochimica Acta

Volume: 294 Page: 357-364 DOI: (

Year: 2019

Whispering-gallery mode assisted enhancement in the power conversion efficiency of DSSC and QDSSC devices using TiO2 microsphere photoanodes

Tapan Kumar Das, Perumal Ilaiyaraja, Chandran Sudakar

ACS Applied Energy Materials

DOI: DOI: 10.1021/acsaem.7b00207

Year: 2018

CuInS2 quantum dot sensitized solar cells with high VOC ≈ 0.9 V achieved using microsphere-nanoparticulate TiO2 composite photoanode

P. Ilaiyaraja, Benadict Rakesh, Tapan Kumar Das, Pavana S.V. Mocherla, C. Sudakar

Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells

Volume: 178 Page: 208-222 DOI:

Year: 2018

Whispering Gallery Mode Enabled Efficiency Enhancement: Defect and Size Controlled CdSe Quantum Dot Sensitized Whisperonic Solar Cells

Tapan Kumar Das, P. Ilaiyaraja, C. Sudakar

Scientific Reports

Volume: volume 8 Page: Article number: 9709 DOI:

Year: 2018

Facile one-pot synthesis of multi-shaped silver nanoparticles with tunable ultra-broadband absorption for efficient light harvesting in dye-sensitized solar cells

DN Joshi, P Ilaiyaraja, C Sudakar, RA Prasath

Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells

Volume: 185 Page: 104-110 DOI:

Year: 2018

High temperature magnetic studies on Bi1-xCaxFe1−yTiyO3-δ nanoparticles: Observation of Hopkinson-like effect above TN

Pavana S. V. Mocherla, D. Prabhu, M. B. Sahana, Neha Y. Hebalkar, R. Gopalan, M. S. Ramachandra Rao, and C. Sudakar

Journal of Applied Physics

Volume: 124 Page: 073904 DOI:

Year: 2018

Mn substitution controlled Li-diffusion in single crystalline nanotubular LiFePO4 high rate-capability cathodes: Experimental and theoretical studies

Akshay Kumar Budumuru, M. Viji, Ajit Jena, B.R.K. Nanda, C. Sudakar

Journal of Power Sources

Volume: 406 Page: 50-62 DOI:

Year: 2018

Oxygen vacancy induced photoconductivity enhancement in Bi1-xCaxFeO3-δ nanoparticle ceramics: A combined experimental and theoretical study

Subhajit Nandy, Kulwinder Kaur, Pavana S. V. Mocherla, B. R. K. Nanda, and C. Sudakar

Journal of Applied Physics

Volume: 124 Page: 195108 DOI:

Year: 2018

Template assisted nanoporous TiO2 nanoparticles: The effect of oxygen vacancy defects on photovoltaic performance of DSSC and QDSSC

Tapan Kumar Das, P. Ilaiyaraja, C. Sudakar

Solar Energy (,5Ymj5Vk)

Volume: 159 Page: 920-929 DOI:

Year: 2018

Effect of vacuum annealing on structural, electrical and thermal properties of e-beam evaporated Bi2Te3 thin films

C. Sudarshan, S. Jayakumar, K. Vaideki, C. Sudakar

Thin Solid Films

Volume: 629 Page: 28 DOI:

Year: 2017

Well-connected microsphere-nanoparticulate TiO2 composites as high performance photoanode for dye sensitized solar cell

P. Ilaiyaraja, Tapan Kumar Das, Pavana S.V. Mocherla, C. Sudakar

Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells

Volume: 169 Page: 86 DOI:

Year: 2017

Coexistence of strongly and weakly confined energy levels in (Cd,Zn)Se quantum dots: Tailoring the near-band-edge and defect-levels for white light emission

Tapan Kumar Das, P. Ilaiyaraja, and C. Sudakar

Journal of Applied Physics

Volume: 121 Page: 183102 DOI: doi:

Year: 2017

Photoconductivity induced by nanoparticle segregated grain-boundary in spark plasma sintered BiFeO3

Subhajit Nandy, Pavana S. V. Mocherla, and C. Sudakar

Journal of Applied Physics

Volume: 121 Page: 203102 DOI: doi:

Year: 2017

In-situ carbon encapsulation of LiNi1/3Co1/3Mn1/3O2 using pillared ethylene glycol trapped in the metal hydroxide interlayers for enhanced cyclic stability

S Vasu, Moodakare B Sahana, Chandran Sudakar, R Gopalan, G Sundararajan

Electrochimica Acta

Volume: 251 Page: 363-377 DOI:

Year: 2017

Microstrain engineered magnetic properties in Bi1− x Ca x Fe1− y Ti y O3− δ nanoparticles: deviation from Néel’s 1/d size-dependent magnetization behaviour

Pavana SV Mocherla, MB Sahana, R Gopalan, MS Ramachandra Rao, BRK Nanda, C Sudakar

Materials Research Express

Volume: 4(10) Page: 106106 DOI:

Year: 2017

Influence of Surface Disorder, Oxygen Defects and Bandgap in TiO2 Nanostructures on the Photovoltaic Properties of Dye Sensitized Solar Cells

Tapan Kumar Das, P. Ilaiyaraja, Pavana S.V. Mocherla, G.M. Bhalerao, C. Sudakar*

Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells

Volume: 144 Page: 194 DOI: DOI: 10.1016/j.solmat.2015.08.036

Year: 2016

High-rate capability of bamboo-like single crystalline LiFePO4 nanotubes with an easy access to b-axis 1D channels of olivine structure

M. Viji, Pravati Swain, Pavana S. V. Mocherla and C. Sudakar

RSC Advances

Volume: 6 Page: 39710 DOI: DOI: 10.1039/C6RA04468A

Year: 2016

Synthesis of Cu-Deficient and Zn-Graded Cu–In–Zn–S Quantum Dots and Hybrid Inorganic–Organic Nanophosphor Composite for White Light Emission

P. Ilaiyaraja, Pavana S. V. Mocherla, T. K. Srinivasan, and C. Sudakar

ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces

Volume: DOI: DOI: 10.1021/acsami.6b02175

Year: 2016

Carbon Coating on the Current Collector and LiFePO4 Nanoparticles -Influence of sp2 and sp3-like Disordered Carbon on the Electrochemical Properties

Pravati Swain, M Viji, Pavana S.V. Mocherla, C. Sudakar

Journal of Power Sources

Volume: 293 Page: 613 DOI: 10.1016/j.jpowsour.2015.05.110

Year: 2015

Wide-range Tunable Bandgap in Bi1-xCaxFe1-yTiyO3-d Nanoparticles via Oxygen Vacancy Induced Structural Modulations at Room Temperature

Pavana S.V. Mocherla, Sanjeev Gautam, Keun Hwa Chae, M.S. Ramachandra Rao, C. Sudakar*

Materials Research Express

Volume: 2 Page: 095012 DOI:

Year: 2015

Ferromagnetism and spin polarization in indium nitride, indium oxynitride, and Cr substituted indium oxynitride films

Thapa, P., Lawes, G., Nadgorny, B., Naik, R., Sudakar, C., Schaff, W.J., Dixit, A.

(2014) Applied Surface Science, 295, pp. 189-193.

Year: 2014

Effect of microstrain on the magnetic properties of BiFeO3 nanoparticles

P.S.V. Mocherla, C. Karthik, R. Ubic, M.S. Ramachandra Rao, C. Sudakar

Applied Physics Letters

Volume: 105 Page: 132409 DOI:

Year: 2014

Raman spectral signature of Mn-rich nanoscale phase segregations in carbon free LiFe1−xMnxPO4 prepared by hydrothermal technique

M. B. Sahana, S. Vasu, N. Sasikala, S. Anandan, H. Sepehri-Amin, C. Sudakar and R. Gopalan

RSC Advances

Volume: 4 Page: 64429-64437 DOI: DOI: 10.1039/C4RA11102H

Year: 2014

Structural and optical properties of CdS/PEO nanocomposite solid films

Padmaja, S., Jayakumar, S., Balaji, R., Sudakar, C., Kumaravel, M., Rajendran, V., Rajkumar, M., Radhamani, A.V.

(2013) Materials Science in Semiconductor Processing, 16 (6), pp. 1502-1507.

Year: 2013

Tunable bandgap in BiFeO3 nanoparticles: The role of microstrain and oxygen defects

Mocherla, P.S.V., Karthik, C., Ubic, R., Ramachandra Rao, M.S., Sudakar, C.*

(2013) Applied Physics Letters, 103 (2), art. no. 022910. DOCUMENT TYPE: Article

Year: 2013

Suppression of FeLi• antisite defects in fluorine-doped LiFePO4

Radhamani, A.V., Karthik, C., Ubic, R., Ramachandra Rao, M.S., Sudakar, C.*

(2013) Scripta Materialia, 69 (1), pp. 96-99.

Year: 2013

Enhanced magnetic and ferroelectric properties in scandium doped nano Bi 2Fe 4O 9

Dutta, D.P., Sudakar, C., Mocherla, P.S.V., Mandal, B.P., Jayakumar, O.D., Tyagi, A.K.

(2012) Materials Chemistry and Physics, 135 (2-3), pp. 998-1004.

Year: 2012

Defects in room-temperature ferromagnetic Cu-doped ZnO films probed by x-ray absorption spectroscopy,

Ma, Q., Prater, J.T., Sudakar, C., Rosenberg, R.A., Narayan, J.

(2012) Journal of Physics Condensed Matter, 24 (30), art. no. 306002.

Year: 2012

Quantum confinement effects and band gap engineering of SnO 2 nanocrystals in a MgO matrix

Sahana, M.B., Sudakar, C.*, Dixit, A., Thakur, J.S., Naik, R., Naik, V.M.

(2012) Acta Materialia, 60 (3), pp. 1072-1078.

Year: 2012

Nanostructured high specific capacity C-LiFePO 4 cathode material for lithium-ion batteries

Bazzi, K., Dhindsa, K.S., Dixit, A., Sahana, M.B., Sudakar, C., Nazri, M., Zhou, Z., Vaishnava, P., Naik, V.M., Nazri, G.A., Naik, R.

(2012) Journal of Materials Research, 27 (2), pp. 424-430.

Year: 2012

Possible weak ferromagnetism in pure and M (Mn, Cu, Co, Fe and Tb) Doped NiGa2O4 Nanoparticles,

Sayed, F.N., Jayakumar, O.D., Sudakar, C., Naik, R., Tyagi, A.K.

(2011) Journal of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, 11 (4), pp. 3363-3369.

Year: 2011

Discrepancy between different estimates of the hydrodynamic diameter of polymer-coated iron oxide nanoparticles in solution

Regmi, R., Gumber, V., Rao, V.S., Kohli, I., Black, C., Sudakar, C., Vaishnava, P., Naik, V., Naik, R., Mukhopadhyay, A., Lawes, G.

(2011) Journal of Nanoparticle Research, 13 (12), pp. 6869-6875.

Year: 2011

Defect stabilization in ZnO nanorods by Mg2+ doping

Jayakumar, O.D., Sudarsan, V., Shashikala, K., Sudakar, C., Naik, R., Vatsa, R.K., Tyagi, A.K.

(2011) Journal of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, 11 (4), pp. 3273-3277.

Year: 2011

Improved photocatalytic activity of indium doped cadmium sulfide dispersed on zirconia

Sasikala, R., Shirole, A.R., Sudarsan, V., Girija, K.G., Rao, R., Sudakar, C., Bharadwaj, S.R.

(2011) Journal of Materials Chemistry, 21 (41), pp. 16566-16573.

Year: 2011

Magnetic behavior of gallium doped Zn0.95Co0.05O nanoparticles

Jayakumar, O.D., Sudakar, C., Tyagi, A.K.

(2011) Nanoscience and Nanotechnology Letters, 3 (2), pp. 140-145.

Year: 2011

Morphology and magnetic coupling in ZnO:Co and ZnO:Ni co-doped with Li

Persson, C., Jayakumar, O.D., Sudakar, C., Sudarsan, V., Tyagi, A.K.

(2011) Acta Physica Polonica A, 119 (2), pp. 95-98.

Year: 2011

Role of support on the photocatalytic activity of titanium oxide

Sasikala, R., Shirole, A.R., Sudarsan, V., Kamble, V.S., Sudakar, C., Naik, R., Rao, R., Bharadwaj, S.R.

(2010) Applied Catalysis A: General, 390 (1-2), pp. 245-252.

Year: 2010

Enhancement of ferromagnetic properties in Zn0.95 Co 0.05O nanoparticles by indium codoping: An experimental and theoretical study

Jayakumar, O.D., Sudakar, C., Persson, C., Salunke, H.G., Naik, R., Tyagi, A.K.

(2010) Applied Physics Letters, 97 (23), art. no. 232510.

Year: 2010