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Angular momentum coupling in active-matter hydrodynamics 2022-03-04 Debarghya Banerjee, MPIPKS, Dresden, Germany
Study of some soft matter systems using optical tweezers 2021-11-12 Rahul Vaippully, IIT Madras
Quantum teleportation is a reversal of quantum measurement 2021-09-17 Dr S. Aravinda
Continuous Wave Solid State Diamond Maser - Optics and Photonics 2018-11-16 Makarand Diwe
Optically pumped solid-state room temperature masers - Optics and Photonics 2018-05-16 Aneesh V. V.
Dual optimization of microporosity in carbon spheres for CO2 adsorption by using pyrrole as the carb ... 2017-11-02 Sreetama Ghosh
Emergence of Non-toxic and Cost effective CZTS absorber and Perovskite based thin film solar cell - ... 2017-10-26 Sachin Pandey
Three-dimensional scaffolding framework of porous carbon nanosheets derived from plant wastes for hi ... 2017-10-19 Sandhyarani
Study of scattering from rough surfaces using computational methods - Optics and Photonics 2017-10-06 Sumeet Kumar
Optical tomograms and entanglement dynamics - Quantum Physics and Information 2017-09-21 Sharmila Balamurugan
Topological Insulators: a Band Theory Perspective - Theoretical Condensed Matter Physics 2017-09-19 Ravi Kashikar
Measurement of the CKM angle γ from a combination of LHCb results - Experimental High Energy Phy ... 2017-09-14 Resmi P.K
Exit wave reconstruction at atomic resolution - Experimental Condensed Matter Physics and Nanoscienc ... 2017-08-31 Md Mahabul Islam
Effect of interfaces on the nearby Brownian motion - Soft Matter/Biological Physics 2017-08-17 Kanka Ghosh
Effect of field annealing on NiFe based alloys which is deposited on CuBe - Experimental Condensed M ... 2017-08-10 Vasam Sumalatha
Singlet and triplet states in organic semiconductors - Optics and Photonics. 2017-06-28 Anu B
Equilibrium physics breakdown reveals the active nature of red blood cell flickering - soft matter/b ... 2017-05-26 Sachin Krishnan
Cooperative effect of oxygen-⁠vacancy-⁠rich layer and ferroelectric polarization on photovoltaic ... 2017-03-02 Pranab Biswas (PH14D012)
Measurement of the D0→ K- Pi+ strong phase difference at BESIII. 2017-02-28 Krishnakumar Ravindran
Experimental Condensed Matter Physics and Nanoscience: The effect of substituting other elements to ... 2016-11-24 Hanuma Kumar. D
Experimental Condensed Matter Physics and Nanoscience: Metal–organic framework-based separator for ... 2016-11-17 Arpita Ghosh
HIGH ENERGY AND STRING THEORY JOURNAL CLUB: Understanding the Gopakumar-⁠Vafa formula 2016-11-10 Sutapa Samanta
Experimental Condensed Matter Physics and Nanoscience: Modeling Thermoelectric Transport at High te ... 2016-11-09 Sudhakara Rao Hari
Optics and Photonics: Directed Assembly of Optoplasmonic Hybrid Materials with Tunable Photonic−Pl ... 2016-11-03 Ms. Imon Kalyan