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Indian Institute Of Technology Madras , Chennai

Riding Gravity Away from Doomsday

Speaker : Prof. Ashoke Sen, Harishchandra Research Institute, Allahabad.


Abstract :

The discovery that most of the energy density in the universe is stored in the form of dark energy has profound consequences for our future. In particular our current limited understanding of quantum theory of gravity indicates that some time in the future our universe will undergo a phase transition that will destroy us and everything else around us instantaneously. However the laws of gravity also suggest a way out -- some of our descendants could survive this catastrophe by riding gravity away from the danger. In this talk I describe the tale of this escape from doomsday.


Prof. Ashoke Sen is one of our leading theoretical physicists. He specialises in String theory and has serious interest in gravitation. His numerous awards and honours include the Fundamental Prize, the Dirac Medal of the ICTP, the Padma Vibhushan, The Infosys prize, the Bhatnagar award, etc. This talk is intended to be at the semi-popular level. All are welcome.

Key Speaker Prof. Ashoke Sen, Harishchandra Research Institute, Allahabad.
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Place Conference Room
Start Time 5:00 PM
Finish Time 6:00 PM
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