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Atomic Layer Deposition Basics and Application

Speaker : Dr. Mahaveer K. Jain, M/s Beneq, Finland, Beneq Oy Vantaa, Finland.


Abstract :

Atomic layer deposition, ALD, is a thin film technology that enables new and highly competitive products. ALD is also a powerful resource for advanced nanotechnology research. Typical applications of ALD contain a requirement to manufacture very precise nanometer–thick, pinhole–free and totally conformal thin films on any shape and geometry. ALD, a chemical vapor deposition (CVD) method, was initially developed for manufacturing nanolaminate insulators (Al2O3/TiO2) and zinc sulfide (ZnS) phosphor films for thin film electroluminescent (TFEL) displays. Large–scale production of these displays started in the mid–1980’s, mainly thanks to ALD. The unique properties of the coatings, together with the high repeatability, were the main factors leading to successful industrial production. ALD is an enabling technology for new and improved products. It provides coatings and material features which either cannot be achieved cost–efficiently with existing techniques, or they cannot be achieved at all. ALD, as a thin film coating method, offers:

  • Precise control of the film thickness, at true nanometer scale.
  • Pinhole–free films for, e.g., superior barriers and surface passivation.
  • Conformal coating of batches, large–area substrates and complex 3D objects, including porous bulk materials, as well as powders.
  • Engineered and new functional materials and structures, such as nanolaminates.
  • A highly repeatable and scalable process.

Key Speaker Dr. Mahaveer K. Jain, M/s Beneq, Finland, Beneq Oy Vantaa, Finland.
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