Department of Physics

Indian Institute Of Technology Madras , Chennai

Characterisation of multilayer films by reflectometry techniques, and their structure property correlation

Speaker : Dr. Mitali Swain, BARC, Mumbai.


Abstract :

Artificial multilayers are of great research interest, as they provide a rich playground for investigating reacting interfaces. X-Ray and Polarised Neutron Reflectometry (XRR and PNR), are two suitable characterising tools for multilayer systems due to their tuneable depth sensitivity and non-destructive nature. One can obtain information about various structural properties, viz. thickness, interfacial roughness, density and magnetic moments (in case of PNR) etc. with help of these techniques. This study represents structural and magnetic changes due to thermal annealing in multilayers of nickel aluminides and nickel germanides using reflectometry techniques

Key Speaker Dr. Mitali Swain, BARC, Mumbai.
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