Department of Physics

Indian Institute Of Technology Madras , Chennai

Understanding Complexity in the Photoionization of Free and Confined Atomic Systems

Speaker : Prof. Steven T. Manson, Georgia State University.


Abstract :

Recent investigations, both theoretical and experimental, of the photoionization of atomic systems has produced a wealth of new phenomenology and understanding of these processes. A review of a selection of these studies shall be presented, with emphasis upon understanding the primary physical processes involved. Among the topics discussed shall be attosecond time delay in the photoionization of free and confined atoms, confinement resonances in confined atom photoionization, many-body effects in photoionization far above threshold, and nondipole effects in low-energy photoionization.

Key Speaker Prof. Steven T. Manson, Georgia State University.
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Place Conference Room
Start Time 2:30 PM
Finish Time 3:30 PM
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