Department of Physics

Indian Institute Of Technology Madras , Chennai

Optics and Photonics: Directed Assembly of Optoplasmonic Hybrid Materials with Tunable Photonic−Plasmonic Properties

Speaker : Ms. Imon Kalyan


Abstract :

Hybrid structures of dielectric and metallic components of defined geometries known as optoplasmonic materials has been attracting interest due to their usefulness in creating optical fields with predefined amplitude and phase which are not available in conventional photonic or plasmonic structures.“Template-guided self-assembly strategies have demonstrated great promise for combining metallic and dielectric components into intricate morphologies”[1]. Basics of plasmonic and photonic resonances and the effect of mode interaction will be described. Some of the recent approaches ofcreating optoplasmonic structures available through template-guided self-assembly strategies will be discussed.

Key Speaker Ms. Imon Kalyan
Guests None
Place Seminar Room
Start Time 3:00 PM
Finish Time 4:00 PM
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