Department of Physics

Indian Institute Of Technology Madras , Chennai

Research Proposal Seminar: Magnetic, Transport and Spectroscopic investigation of Transition Metal doped SiC

Speaker : Gyanti Prakash Moharana


Abstract :

Spin transport electronics or spintronics makes use of the spin in addition to the charge of the electron for the Device operation. Materials with high spin polarization with high magnetic ordering temperature are required for spintronics devices. Two classes of materials which are being explored widely for such application are the (i) Half metallic Heusler alloys and (ii) Dilute magnetic Semiconductor (DMS). DMS is a semiconductor doped with a small quantity of transition metal ions i.e. ions carrying unpaired spin. This makes the semiconductor to have ferromagnetic ordering at room temperature making it a promising candidate for spintronic applications .But the transportation of spin polarized charge carrier suffers from dead layers formation and interfacial scattering in magnetic multilayer devices. Hence focus shifted towards the development of new materials with magnetic and semiconducting properties. As there are no known room temperaturemagnetic semiconductors available, the research focus is on DMS. Following the prediction of possible room temperature ferromagnetism in 5% Mn doped GaN and ZnO there were lot of experimental work reported in literature on these two materials [1]. But neither of them exhibit ferromagnetism at room temperature. Then the focus shifted to other oxide wide band gap semiconductors. Among them the Cobalt doped TiO2 has been found to exhibit room temperature ferromagnetism. Another interesting semiconductor which has applications in high power and high temperature applications is SiC. But due to the very high temperature required for its synthesis, only few experimental reports are available on SiC based DMS. It is proposed to synthesize transition metal (TM) - (Cr, Mn, Fe, Co, Ni) doped SiC and investigate the magnetic, transport and spectroscopic response of this material.

Key Speaker Gyanti Prakash Moharana
Guests None
Place Seminar Room
Start Time 11:00 AM
Finish Time 12:00 PM
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