Department of Physics

Indian Institute Of Technology Madras , Chennai

Information Gain in Tomography: A Quantum Signature of Chaos

Speaker : Dr. Vaibhav Madhok, Assistant Prof., IIT Madras.


Abstract :

We find quantum signatures of classical chaos in various metrics of information gain in quantum tomography. We employ a quantum state estimator based on weak collective measurements of an ensemble of identically prepared systems. The tomographic measurement record consists of a sequence of expectation values of a Hermitian operator that evolves under repeated application of the Floquet map of the quantum kicked top. We find an increase in information gain and hence higher fidelities in the reconstruction algorithm when the chaoticity parameter map increases. The results are well predicted by random matrix theory. I will discuss some future directions connecting information gain in tomography, hypersensitivity to perturbation and chaos.

Key Speaker Dr. Vaibhav Madhok, Assistant Prof., IIT Madras.
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Place Seminar Room
Start Time 11:00 AM
Finish Time 12:00 PM
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