Department of Physics

Indian Institute Of Technology Madras , Chennai

Measurement of the D0→ K- Pi+ strong phase difference at BESIII.

Speaker : Krishnakumar Ravindran


Abstract :

Quantum correlated D0 and D0bar meson pairs are produced at electron-positron collider at a Centre of Mass energy of 3.773 GeV and a data sample of 2.92 fb-1 is collected by the BESIII detector in China. The asymmetry (A_CP) of the branching fraction (B) of D0→ K-Pi+ in CP-odd and CP-even eigenstates is found to be (12.7±1.3 (stat)±0.7(syst))×10^-2. The A_CP is then used to extract the strong phase difference (delta KPi) between the doubly Cabibbo-suppressed process D0 → K-Pi+ and the Cabibbo-favoured process D0 → K-Pi+. The cosine of the strong phase difference, using world-average values of external parameters, is 1.02±0.11±0.06±0.01, where the uncertainties are statistical, systematic and the uncertainties arise due to the usage of external inputs. This is the most precise measurement of delta KPi to date.

Key Speaker Krishnakumar Ravindran
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Place Seminar Room
Start Time 5:00 PM
Finish Time 6:00 PM
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