Department of Physics

Indian Institute Of Technology Madras , Chennai

Exit wave reconstruction at atomic resolution - Experimental Condensed Matter Physics and Nanoscience

Speaker : Md Mahabul Islam


Abstract :

Article ref.: L.J. Allen, W. McBride, N.L. O’Leary, M.P. Oxley, Ultramicroscopy 100 (2004) 91–104

An iterative method for exit wave function reconstruction based on wave function propagation in free space is presented. The method, which has the potential for application to many forms of microscopy, has been tailored to work with a through focal series of images measured in a high-resolution transmission electron microscope. Practical difficulties for exit wave reconstruction which are pertinent in this experimental environment are the slight incoherence of the electron beam, sample drift and its effect upon the defocus step size that can be utilised, and the number of image measurements that need to be made. To gauge the effectiveness of the method it is applied to experimental data that has been analysed previously using a maximum likelihood formalism (the MAL method).

Other References:
1. A flux-preserving non-linear inline holography reconstruction algorithm for partially coherent electrons, Christoph T. Koch, Ultramicroscopy 108 (2008) 141–150.
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Key Speaker Md Mahabul Islam
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Place Seminar Room
Start Time 4:00 PM
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