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A Simplicial Study of Time Series-Networks



Abstract :

Time series-networks are network representations of time series from dynamical systems. They allow investigation of a given system using complex network techniques. Such investigations have been carried out in the past, for example in [1-3]. These studies have attempted to characterize given time series using standard network metrics. In our study, we consider the derived time series-network as a simplicial structure [4]. This allows us to look at the time series-network at different complexity levels. We carry out our analysis using logistic map time series, as it is a very well known system.

[1] J. Zhang and M. Small. Complex Network from Pseudoperiodic Time Series: Topology versus Dynamics. Phys. Rev. Lett. 96, 238701 (2006).
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[4] N. Gupte, N. N. Thyagu, and M. Chutani. The Simplicial Characterization of TS Networks: Theory and Applications. Proceedings of the 4th International Conference on Applications in Nonlinear Dynamics (ICAND 2016) p. 289.

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