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Indian Institute Of Technology Madras , Chennai

Fabrication of perovskite thin film hetero-structure and probable exotic metastable phases at the interface

Speaker : Anusree V.K.


Abstract :

Exploring interfaces of materials has attracted wide research interest since novel functional properties can be achieved at interfaces. The electronic reconstruction at the interface can lead to new functionalities and it provides a controlled way to examine the interplay between different properties. Perovskite oxides are potential candidates for fabrication of hetero-structure interfaces as they exhibit wide range of physical and chemical properties. Strong correlations existing in oxides add to the possibilities that can be generated at their interfaces. Many novel phenomena have been reported which are induced at interfaces of perovskite hetero-structures including superconductivity, ferroelectricity, ferromagnetism, exchange bias etc.

1. Pavlo Zubko et al., Annu.Rev.Condens.Matter Phys., 2, 141-165(2011)
2. H. Y. Hwang et al, Nature Materials, 11, 103(2012)

Key Speaker Anusree V.K.
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Start Time 3:00 PM
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