Department of Physics

Indian Institute Of Technology Madras , Chennai

Applications of avoided crossing in optics: Slow light to transverse spin

Speaker : Prof. S. Dutta Gupta, University of Hyderabad


Abstract :

We cite various examples of normal mode splitting and avoided crossing in quantum optical and plasmonic systems. We show how this generic phenomenon can be exploited to generate fast and slow light. We cover some of the very recent experiments. The last part of the lecture focuses on the Belinfante's transverse spin, which is attracting a lot of attention in past couple of years. We demonstrate how the transverse spin can be further enhanced by means of coherent perfect absorption.

About the Speaker:

Prof. Subhasish Dutta Gupta joined the School of Physics, University of Hyderabad, India in 1984, having received his education (integrated M.Sc and Ph.D) from Peoples' Friendship University, Moscow. Along with other core subjects, he has been teaching optics-related courses for undergraduate and graduate students for more than three decades. Moreover, he has been actively involved in research on the forefront areas of nonlinear and quantum optics, plasmonics, and nanooptics. He has authored one US patent, more than a hundred papers in peer-reviewed journals, several invited reviews, and book chapters. His latest book on recent advances in optics was published by Taylor and Francis. He has been a visiting faculty member at many reputed institutes on different continents. He served on the editorial board of Pramana–Journal of Physics, and is currently an associate editor of the European Physical Journal–Applied Physics.

Key Speaker Prof. S. Dutta Gupta, University of Hyderabad
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Place Seminar Room
Start Time 4:00 PM
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