Department of Physics

Indian Institute Of Technology Madras , Chennai

Floquet Hamiltonians and driven systems II

Speaker : Prof. Diptiman Sen, IISc Bangalore


Abstract :

In these talks I will give an introduction to periodically driven quantum systems. After presenting the basic problem and the idea of quasienergies, various ways of studying such systems will be discussed. These include writing an eigenvalue problem for an extended Hamiltonian for solving the problem numerically, finding an effective Hamiltonian in the limit of large driving frequency (called the Magnus expansion), and using perturbation theory in the limit of weak driving. We will then discuss some applications of periodic driving such as quantum charge pumping and generating topological phases with boundary modes. We will also discuss the diagonal ensemble (and generalized Gibbs ensemble in integrable systems) that can emerge in thermodynamically large systems in the long time limit.

The lectures would be at the level of a beginning graduate student, so very accessible to students. So please do come.

Key Speaker Prof. Diptiman Sen, IISc Bangalore
Guests None
Place Conference Room
Start Time 3:30 PM
Finish Time 4:30 PM
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