Department of Physics

Indian Institute Of Technology Madras , Chennai


Speaker : Prof. V. Subramanian, Prof. C. V. krishnamurthy


Abstract :

The objectives of this course are to reinforce the fundamentals of electromagnetic principles demanded by recent advances in novel phenomena and exotic materials, and to provide exposure to recent developments in sensors and antennas for ever increasing applications, and to follow Tokomak research activity and new trends in Radio astronomy.
New developments continue to emerge from various parts of the wide spectrum of electromagnetic waves. Participants would be exposed to the exciting developments in the Terahertz regime, in energy harvesting, in the design and development of metamaterials, in the widespread use of microwaves for processing materials in an environmentally friendly and sustainable manner, in the advancement of microwaves for diagnostics and therapeutic uses and in the rapid progress made in compact sensor development and deployment. In addition, they would get a perspective of the challenges encountered in the design and development of electromagnetic devices and diagnostic tools for tokomaks, and of the new trends in radio astronomy.
In parallel, participants would participate in tutorial sessions that would enable them to reinforce their understanding of electromagnetic phenomena and update themselves to effectively engage with students.
By bringing researchers and teachers together, the course aims to contribute to the growth and sustenance of trained manpower that can engage with new developments through continuing education.

Key Speaker Prof. V. Subramanian, Prof. C. V. krishnamurthy
Guests None
Place Online
Start Time 9:00 AM
Finish Time 5:00 PM
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