Department of Physics

Indian Institute Of Technology Madras , Chennai

Study of DC and Hall resistivity for a new semi-holographic non-Fermi liquid model

Speaker : Dr Sutapa Samata (IACS Kolkata)


Abstract :

This talk is a part of the activities of the Center for Quantum Information Theory of Matter and Spacetime of IIT Madras

In this talk, I shall introduce a new model for semi-holographic non-Fermi liquid. In this model, a two-dimensional band of electrons hybridizes with the fermions of a critical holographic sector and a lattice of electrons with Landau quasiparticle structure. We study the transport phenomena like DC resistivity, hall angle, etc. We show that they mimic the strange metal-like behavior for a wide range of temperatures by fine-tuning just one effective dimensionless coupling constant. Furthermore, we find evidence that Planckian dissipation also arises from our effective field theory approach.

Key Speaker Dr Sutapa Samata (IACS Kolkata)
Guests None
Place Online
Start Time 5:30 PM
Finish Time 6:30 PM
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