Department of Physics

Indian Institute Of Technology Madras , Chennai

Few aspect of topological properties of an exactly solvable spin model

Speaker : Dr. Saptarshi Mandal


Abstract :

In this talk we discuss few topological aspects in an exactly solvable model, namely Kitaev model. First we briefly discuss the short range bond dependent spin-spin correlation function and the spin fractionalization for any eigenstate of the model. Following this we discuss the topological degeneracy of the every eigenstate in thermodynamic limit. After, we show that when an Ising interaction is being added to Kitaev model, the system undergoes a de-confinement to confinement transition. The fate of spin-spin correlation function in the presence of Ising interaction is discussed. Next we present some entanglement study on Kitaev model highlighting how it could detect the topological properties of the model. Finally we briefly outline a 3 dimensional extension of the Kitaev model and discuss briefly its exact solution and its toric code limit effective model which supports localized fermionic/bosonic excitations and discuss its braiding properties around membrane operators.

Key Speaker Dr. Saptarshi Mandal
Guests None
Place Conference Room
Start Time 11:00 AM
Finish Time 12:00 PM
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