Department of Physics

Indian Institute Of Technology Madras , Chennai

Role of intrinsic and extrinsic inhomogeneities in active systems

Speaker : Shraddha Mishra, IIT BHU, India


Abstract :

In this talk, we will explore the effect of both extrinsic and intrinsic inhomogeneities in collection of self-propelled particles. Inhomogeneities or disorder can affect the collective behaviour of self-propelled particles in positive as well as negative manner. In some cases extrinsic inhomogeneity disturb the ordering on the other hand intrinsic inhomogeneity can increase the information transfer in a moving flock.

Key Speaker Shraddha Mishra, IIT BHU, India
Guests None
Place S N Bose Hall (HSB 210)
Start Time 12:00 PM
Finish Time 1:00 PM
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