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Into the unknown - New Physics at the intensity frontier

Speaker : Dr. Phillip Urquijo, University of Melbourne


Abstract :

The Belle II detector at the SuperKEKB intensity frontier at KEK in Japan will probe new physics at energy scales beyond the reach of the LHC. By examining flavour changing processes of particles produced in e+e- collisions it will look to solve some of the remaining mysteries of the universe: the striking mass and coupling hierarchy of fundamental matter particles; fundamental sources of matter-antimatter asymmetries; dark matter; and how neutrinos have mass. New interactions and yet unseen particles must exist to explain these phenomena. In this colloquium, I will discuss the physics behind the Belle II experiment and SuperKEKB, and what we hope to achieve by charting the intensity frontier.


Phillip is the Physics Coordinator of the Belle II experiment, which is led by an international consortium of 23 countries from four continents. As physics coordinator he is responsible for steering the full data analysis program searching for new phenomena at Belle II. He has led particle physics research at the Belle experiment at KEKB, and at the LHC experiments ATLAS and LHCb. In 2012 he was awarded the International Young Scientist of the Year by the Particle Physics Commission of IUPAP, and in 2014 he was a recipient of an Australian Research Council Future Fellowship.

Key Speaker Dr. Phillip Urquijo, University of Melbourne
Guests None
Place S N Bose Hall (HSB 210)
Start Time 5:00 PM
Finish Time 6:00 PM
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