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Photovoltaics, Nanomaterials


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Note: Laser-cut molybdenum grids for a retarding field energy analyzer

K. Landheer, A. A. Kobelev, A. S. Smirnov, J. Bosman, S. Deelen, M. Rossewij, A. C. de Waal, I. Poulios, A. F. Benschop, R. E. I. Schropp, J. K. Rath

Review of Scientific Instruments

Volume: 88 Page: 066108 DOI: DOI: 10.1063/1.4986229

Year: 2017

Microscopic studies of polycrystalline nanoparticle growth in free space

A.Mohan, M.Kaiser, M.A.Verheijen, R.E.I.Schropp, J.K.Rath

Journal of Crystal Growth, 467, (2017) 137-144

Volume: 467 Page: 137-144 DOI: DOI: 10.1016/j.jcrysgro.2017.03.044

Year: 2017

Recombination reduction at the c-Si/RCA oxide interface through Ar-H2 plasma treatment

Kees Landheer, Paula C.P.Bronsveld, Ioannis Poulios, Frans D. Tichelaar, Monja Kaiser, Ruud E.I. Schropp, Jatin K. Rath

Applied Surface Science, 396, (2017) 1226-1230

Volume: 396 Page: 1226-1230 DOI: DOI: 10.1016/j.apsusc.2016.11.119

Year: 2017

Decoupling high surface recombination velocity and epitaxial growth for silicon passivation layers on crystalline silicon

Kees Landheer, Monja Kaiser, Marcel A Verheijen, Frans D Tichelaar, Ioannis Poulios, Ruud E I Schropp and Jatin K Rath

Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics 50, (2017) 065305

Volume: 50 Page: 065305 DOI: DOI: 10.1088/1361-6463/aa535f

Year: 2017

Atomic Layer Deposited ZnO: B As Transparent Conductive Oxide for Increased Short Circuit Current Density in Silicon Heterojunction Solar Cells

Henriette A. Gatz, Dibyashree Koushik, Jatin K. Rath, Wilhelmus M.M. Kessels, Ruud E.I.Schropp

Energy Procedia, 92, (2016) 624-632

Volume: 92 Page: 624-632 DOI: DOI: 10.1016/j.egypro.2016.07.028

Year: 2016

Inorganic photovoltaics - Planar and nanostructured devices

Ramanujam, J., Verma, A., González-Díaz, B., Guerrero-Lemus, R., Del Cañizo, C., García-Tabarés, E., Rey-Stolle, I., Granek, F., Korte, L., Tucci, M., Rath, J., Singh, U.P., Todorov, T.k, Gunawan, O., Rubio, S., Plaza, J.L., Diéguez, E.l,

Progress in Materials Science, 82 (2016) 294-404

Volume: 82 Page: 294-404 DOI: DOI: 10.1016/j.pmatsci.2016.03.005

Year: 2016

Gas phase grown silicon germanium nanocrystals

Mohan, A., Tichelaar, F.D., Kaiser, M., Verheijen, M.A., Schropp, R.E.I., Rath, J.K.

Chemical Physics Letters, 661, (2016)185-190

Volume: 661 Page: 185-190 DOI: DOI: 10.1016/j.cplett.2016.08.066

Year: 2016

Chemical sputtering by H2+ and H3+ ions during silicon deposition

Landheer, K., Goedheer, W.J., Poulios, I., Schropp, R.E.I., Rath, J.K.

Journal of Applied Physics, 120 (5) (2016) 053304

Volume: 120 Page: 053304 DOI: DOI: 10.1063/1.4960351

Year: 2016

Comparison of batch and in-line PECVD of a-Si:H passivation layers for silicon heterojunction solar cells

Landheer, K., Kaiser, M., Poulios, I., (...), Schropp, R.E.I., Rath, J.K.

Physica Status Solidi - Rapid Research Letters, 10 (10) (2016) 725–729

Volume: 10 (10) Page: 725–729 DOI: DOI: 10.1002/pssr.201600256

Year: 2016