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Indian Institute Of Technology Madras , Chennai
Dr. Manu Jaiswal
HSB 252A

Associate Professor


IISc Bangalore


Experimental Condensed Matter Physics, Physics of Graphene and 2D systems, Confined Water, Graphene Membranes. See details on my personal webpage, the link is:


044 - 2257 4893


Experimental Condensed Matter Physics

 Current Research :

 Recent Publications :

Intercalated water mediated electromechanical response of graphene oxide films on flexible substrates

Lavudya Devendar, M R Shijeesh, T. Sakorikar, K Lakshmi Ganapathi, and Manu Jaiswal

Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter

Volume: 34 Page: 025001 DOI: 10.1088/1361-648X/ac2ad0

Year: 2022

Thermal transport across wrinkles in few-layer graphene stacks

Akash Mohapatra, S. Das, K. Majumdar, MSR Rao, and Manu Jaiswal

Nanoscale Advances

Volume: 3 Page: 1708 DOI: 10.1039/D0NA00944J

Year: 2021

Geometry dependent performance limits of stretchable reduced graphene oxide interconnects: The role of wrinkles

Tushar Sakorikar, V. Pramitha, and Manu Jaiswal


Volume: 158 Page: 864 DOI: 10.1016/j.carbon.2019.11.070

Year: 2020

Stable thermal transport in reduced graphene-oxide aerogel at elevated temperatures

Prakash C. Mahakul, P. Gayathri,T. Remyamol, H. Sreemoolanadhan, M.R. Ajith and Manu Jaiswal

Materials Research Express

Volume: 7 Page: 105603 DOI: 10.1088/2053-1591/abbd5e

Year: 2020

Humidity-induced significant microstructural reordering in partially reduced graphene oxide: Insights on water permeation mechanism

T. M. Pranav, Tushar Sakorikar, Pramitha V., and Manu Jaiswal

Journal of Applied Physics

Volume: 125 Page: 024303 DOI: 10.1063/1.5078665

Year: 2019

Ion percolation through annealed, supported graphene oxide films: Role of nanochannels and voids

Vasumathy Ravishankar, S. Ramaprabhu, and Manu Jaiswal

Journal of Applied Physics

Volume: 125 Page: 144304 DOI:

Year: 2019

Probing permeation of energetic hydrogen atoms through molybdenum disulphide on graphene platform

Vasumathy Ravishankar, P R Shaina, Vani Yadav, S Ramaprabhu, and Manu Jaiswal

Materials Research Express

Volume: 6 Page: 095614 DOI: 10.1088/2053-1591/ab3170

Year: 2019

Nanostructuring mechanical cracks in a flexible conducting polymer thin film for ultra-sensitive vapor sensing

Biporjoy Sarkar, Dillip K Satapathy, and Manu Jaiswal


Volume: 11 Page: 200-210 DOI: DOI: 10.1039/C8NR07230B

Year: 2019

Breakdown of Water Super-Permeation in Electrically Insulating Graphene Oxide Films: Role of Dual Interlayer Spacing

MK Kavitha, Tushar Sakorikar, V Pramitha, and Manu Jaiswal


Volume: 29 Page: 325706 DOI: 10.1088/1361-6528/aac644

Year: 2018

Probing the electric double-layer capacitance in a Keggin-type polyoxometalate ionic liquid gated graphene transistor

Lijin George, K. Shakeela, G. Ranga Rao, and Manu Jaiswal

Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys. (PCCP)

Volume: 20 Page: 18474 DOI: 10.1039/c8cp02307g

Year: 2018

Molecular doping of graphene across ultra-thin molybdenum disulphide spacers

Lijin George, P. R. Shaina, K. Afsal, and Manu Jaiswal

Physica Status Solidi B

Volume: 254 Page: 1600521 DOI: 10.1002/pssb.201600521

Year: 2017

Anomalous charge transport in reduced graphene oxide films on a uniaxially strained elastic substrate

P R Shaina, Tushar Sakorikar, Biporjoy Sarkar, M K Kavitha, V Pramitha and Manu Jaiswal

Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter

Volume: 29 Page: 235301 DOI:

Year: 2017

Thickness-dependent Crack Propagation in Uniaxially Strained Conducting Graphene Oxide Films on Flexible Substrates

Tushar Sakorikar, M K Kavitha, V Pramitha and Manu Jaiswal


Volume: 7 Page: 2598 DOI:

Year: 2017

Wrinkle and crack-dependent charge transport in a uniaxially strained conducting polymer film on a flexible substrate

Biporjoy Sarkar, Dillip Satapathy and Manu Jaiswal

Soft Matter

Volume: 13 Page: 5437 DOI: 10.1039/c7sm00972k

Year: 2017

Dendritic Growth of a Polymer on a 2D Mesoscale Square Lattice

Joel Martis, Kaushik Satapathy, P R Shaina, C V Krishnamurthy and Manu Jaiswal


Volume: arXiv:1711.10141

Year: 2017

Deformation of graphene on an oxidizing nickel surface: the role of graphene layer number

Lijin George, P R Shaina, Aparna Gupta, Nandita Das Gupta, and Manu Jaiswal

Materials Research Express

Volume: 3 Page: 115016 DOI:

Year: 2016

Estimating the thermal expansion coefficient of graphene: the role of graphene–substrate interactions

P R Shaina, Lijin George, Vani Yadav and Manu Jaiswal

Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter

Volume: 28 Page: 085301 DOI:

Year: 2016

Organic doping of rotated double layer graphene

Lijin George and Manu Jaiswal

AIP Conf. Proc.

Volume: 1728 Page: 020319 DOI:

Year: 2016

Confined water layers in graphene oxide probed with spectroscopic ellipsometry

Mandakranta Ghosh, L. Pradipkanti, Vikas Rai, Dillip K.Satapathy, V. Pramitha, Manu Jaiswal

Applied Physics Letters

Volume: 106 Page: 241902 DOI:

Year: 2015

Mechanical tearing of graphene on an oxidizing metal surface

Lijin George, Aparna Gupta, P R Shaina, Nandita DasGupta and Manu Jaiswal

Nanotechnology (IOP)

Volume: 26 Page: 495701 DOI: 10.1088/0957-4484/26/49/495701

Year: 2015

Strain and morphology of graphene membranes on responsive microhydrogel patterns

P. R. Shaina and Manu Jaiswal

Applied Physics Letters

Volume: 105 Page: 193103 DOI: 2014

Year: 2014

Giant spin Hall effect in graphene grown by chemical vapour deposition

J. Balakrishnan et al.

Nature Communications 5,4748

Year: 2014

Unconventional Transport through Graphene on SrTiO3: A Plausible Effect of SrTiO3 Phase-Transitions

S. Saha, O. Kahya, Manu Jaiswal, T. Venkatesan, B. Ozyilmaz et al.

Scientific Reports (Nature Publications),4, 6173

Year: 2014

Multiple Virtual Tunneling of Dirac Fermions in Granular Graphene

A. Pachoud, Manu Jaiswal, Y. Wang, B.-H. Hong, J.-H. Ahn, K.P. Loh, B. Ozyilmaz,

Scientific Reports (Nature Publications), 3, 3403,

Year: 2013

Colossal enhancement of spin–orbit coupling in weakly hydrogenated graphene.

J. Balakrishnan, G. Koon, Manu Jaiswal, A. H. Castro Neto, B. Ozyilmaz

Nature Physics, 9, 284, (2013)

Year: 2013

Charge transport in lightly reduced graphene oxide: A transport energy perspective

R.S. Kajen, N. Chandrasekhar, K.L. Pey, C. Vijila, Manu Jaiswal, et al.,

J. Appl. Phys., 113, 063710, (2013).

Year: 2013

Electronic Properties of Nano-diamond Decorated Graphene

Y. Wang,* Manu Jaiswal,* M. Lin, S. Saha, B. Ozyilmaz, K.P. Loh

ACS Nano 6, 1018-1025 (2012) (* = equal contributor)

Year: 2012

Charge transport in lightly reduced graphene oxide: A transport energy perspective

R.S. Kajen, N. Chandrasekhar, K.L. Pey, C. Vijila, Manu Jaiswal, et al.,

ECS Solid State Lett. 2: M17-M19 (2012).

Year: 2012

Localized insulator-conductor transformation of graphene oxide thin films via focused laser beam irradiation.

Y. Tao, B. Varghese, Manu Jaiswal et al

Appl. Phys. A 106, 523-531 (2012)

Year: 2012

Controlled Hydrogenation of Graphene Sheets and Nanoribbons

Manu Jaiswal, C.H.Y.X. Lim, Q. Bao, C.T. Toh, K.P. Loh, B. Ozyilmaz

ACS Nano, 5, 888, (2011).

Year: 2011

Flow Sensing of Single Cell by Graphene Transistor in a Microfluidic Channel

P.K. Ang, A. Li, Manu Jaiswal, Y. Wang, H.W. Hou, J.T. L. Thong, C.T. Lim, K. P. Loh

Nano Letters, 11, 5240-5246 (2011).

Year: 2011

Towards Wafer Scale Fabrication of Graphene Based Spin Valve Devices,

Avsar, T. Yang, S. Bae, J. Balakrishnan, F. Volmer, Manu Jaiswal, S.R. Ali, G. Guentherodt, BH Hong, B Beschoten, B Ozyilmaz,

Nano Letters, 11, 2363, (2011).

Year: 2011

Observation of Long Spin Relaxation Times in Bilayer Graphene at Room Temperature,

T.-Y. Yang, J. Balakrishnan, F. Volmer, A. Avsar, Manu Jaiswal, G. Güntherodt, B. Beschoten, B. Özyilmaz,

Physical Review Letters, 107, 047207, (2011).

Year: 2011

Graphene Transport at High Carrier Densities Using a Polymer Electrolyte Gate,

A. Pachoud*, Manu Jaiswal*, P.K. Ang, K.P. Loh, B. Ozyilmaz

EPL (Europhysics Letters), 92, 27001, (2010). (*= equal contributor)

Year: 2010

A Bioelectronic Platform Using Graphene: Lipid Bilayer Interface

P.K. Ang*, Manu Jaiswal*, C.H.Y.X. Lim, Y. Wang, J. Sankaran, A. Li, C.T. Lim, T. Wohland, B. Ozyilmaz, K.P. Loh,

ACS Nano, 4, 7387, (2010). (*= equal contributor)

Year: 2010

High-Gain Graphene-Titanium Oxide Photoconductor Made from Inkjet Printable Ionic Solution,

K.K. Manga, S. Wang, Manu Jaiswal, Q. Bao, K.P. Loh,

Advanced Materials, 22, 5265, (2010). Cover Page Article.

Year: 2010

Estimation of Charge Transport Parameters and Equivalent Circuit for Poly Alkyl Thiophene Field-Effect Transistors

14. C.S.S. Sangeeth, Manu Jaiswal, R. Menon

American Institute of Physics: Conference Proceedings, CP1313, 140,(2010).

Year: 2010

Electro-Conductance of Single-Wall Carbon Nanotubes,

Manu Jaiswal, C.S.S. Sangeeth, R. Menon,

Applied Physics Letters, 95, 032111, (2009).

Year: 2009

Photo-impedance Characterization of Polymer Field-Effect Transistor,

C.S.S. Sangeeth, Manu Jaiswal and R. Menon

Applied Physics Letters, 95, 093308, (2009).

Year: 2009

Field-Effect and Frequency-Dependent Transport in Semiconductor-Enriched Single-Wall Carbon Nanotube Network Devices

Manu Jaiswal, C.S.S. Sangeeth, W. Wang, Y.-P. Sun, R. Menon,

Journal of NanoScience and Nanotechnology, 9, 6533, (2009).

Year: 2009

Correlation of Morphology and Charge Transport in Poly (3,4- ethylenedioxythiophene) – Polystyrenesulfonic Acid (PEDOT:PSS) Films

C.S.S. Sangeeth, Manu Jaiswal, R. Menon,

J. Phys.: Condens. Matter (Fast Track Communication), 21, 072101, (2009).

Year: 2009

Charge Transport in Novel Transparent Conductors – a Comparison,

C.S.S. Sangeeth, Manu Jaiswal, R. Menon,

J. Appl. Phys., 105, 063713, (2009).

Year: 2009

Organic Field-effect Transistors: from materials to device physics

T. B. Singh, N.S. Sariciftci, Manu Jaiswal, R. Menon,

Handbook of Organic Electronics and Photonics (Vol. 3), 36, 153, (2008).

Year: 2008

Charge Transport in Transparent Single-Wall Carbon Nanotube Networks,

Manu Jaiswal, W. Wang, K.A.S. Fernando, Y.-P. Sun, R. Menon,

J. Phys.: Condens. Matter, 19, 446006, (2007).

Year: 2007

Magnetotransport in Transparent Single-Wall Carbon Nanotube Networks,

Manu Jaiswal, W. Wang, K.A.S. Fernando, Y.-P. Sun, R. Menon,

Physical Review B, 76, 113401, (2007).

Year: 2007

Magnetoconductance in Single-Wall Carbon Nanotubes: Electron-Electron Interaction and Weak Localization Contributions,

P.K. Choudhury, Manu Jaiswal, R. Menon,

Physical Review B, 76, 235432, (2007).

Year: 2007

Polymer Electronics – a Review of Charge Transport,

Manu Jaiswal, R. Menon,

Polymer International, 55, 1371-1384, (2006).

Year: 2006

Equivalent-Circuit Model For an Organic Field-Effect Transistor From Impedance Measurements Under DC Bias,

Manu Jaiswal, R. Menon,

Applied Physics Letters, 88, 123504, (2006).

Year: 2006