PH1020 Physics - II

Course Details

Unit 1:
Electrostatics and magnetostatics Maxwell?s equation-I, work and energy in electrostatics, displacement and polarization, boundary conditions. Maxwell?s equation-II, Ampere?s law, magnetic vector potential, magnetism in matter.

Unit 2:
Electrodynamics and electromagnetic radiation Lorentz force, Faraday?s law and Lenz?s law, electromagnetic induction. Displacement current, Maxwell?s equations III and IV, energy stored in an electromagnetic field, electromagnetic waves in vacuum and in matter, Snell?s law.

Unit 3:
Introduction to quantum mechanics The quantum nature of radiation, interference experiment with radiation and particle beams. Postulates of quantum mechanics, Schrodinger wave equation. Applications to simple physical systems such as free particle, particle in a box and barrier penetration, spin, two state systems.

Course References:

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