PH2170 Basic Electronics

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Course Contents :
Passive elements and diodes Lumped circuit elements - Kirchhoff?s Laws ? Thevenin and Norton theorems ? nodal and mesh analysis ? superposition principle. PN junction diode ? load line and small signal analysis ? types of diodes ? simple diode circuits. Bipolar junction transistors Transistor amplifiers and dc analysis ? CB, CE and CC configurations ? the Ebers-Moll Model. Two-port devices and hybrid model ? h parameters and small signal analysis of amplifiers ? cascading transistor amplifiers. Bias and bias stabilization ? operating point ? stability factor ? analysis of different biasing schemes ? bias compensation methods. Feedback Feedback and transfer gain ? negative feedback amplifiers ? input output characteristics. Voltage series, current series, voltage shunt and current shunt configurations. Positive feedback, stability and oscillators ? transistor oscillators ? Hartley, Colpitt and RC phase shift oscillators. Power amplifiers Class A, B, C and AB power amplifiers ? efficiency and power dissipation of Class B push-pull amplifier. Single tuned amplifiers. Field effect transistors JFETs and their characteristics ? biasing and JFET amplifiers ? MOSFETs and their characteristics. Opamps Differential amplifiers and opamps ? opamp characteristics ? simple linear opamp circuits.

Course References:

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