PH5040 Electronics

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Course Contents :
Introduction to Integrated Circuits: Differential amplifiers using Transistors, Operational amplifiers: Features, Characteristics, Negative feedback configurations, Mathematical operations application circuits, Non-linear applications, Comparator, Window comparator, Regenerative comparator, Relaxation oscillator, Log and Antilog amplifiers, Multiplier, square and square-root circuits, NE555, principle of operation and applications. Introduction to Digital logic gates: Combinational circuits, Reduction using Karnaugh map, Implementation using universal gates, Arithmetic circuits, Look-ahead carry implementation, Binary BCD addition, Decoders and encoders, Multiplexers and demultiplexers their applications, Flip-flops, types and implementation, Conversions, triggering, master/slave implementation, Registers, Binary up down counters, Synchronous counters, Ring and Johnson counters, Random sequence generators, 7-segment display devices, A to D and D to A converters, Applications of digital circuits: Digital clock, stop-watch, frequency and period counter, digital voltmeter etc. Introduction to microprocessors: Brief outline of 8085 processor, Instruction set, Simple programming examples, Pick the largest number, Delay, Arithmetic operation with single and multibyte, Block move with overlapping memory address, Ascending and descending ordering.

Course References:

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