PH5020 Electromagnetic Theory

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Course Contents :
Electrostatics: Laplace and Poisson equations. Boundary value problems. Dirichlet and Neumann boundary conditions. Method of images. Concept of the Green function and its use in boundary value problems. Magnetostatics: Ampere's law and Biot-Savart's law. Concept of a vector potential. Maxwell equations and electromagnetic waves. Maxwell equations (both differential and integral formulations). Boundary conditions on field vectors D, E, B and H. Vector and scalar potentials. Gauge transformations: Lorentz and Coulomb gauges. Green function for the wave equation. Poynting's theorem. Conservation laws for macroscopic media. Propagation of plane waves and spherical waves in free space, dielectrics and conducting media. Reflection and refraction of electromagnetic waves. Superposition of waves. Radiation from an oscillating dipole and radiation from an accelerating charge. Electromagnetic stress tensor. Wave Guides: Modes in rectangular and cylindrical wave guides (conducting and dielectric). Resonant cavities. Evanescent waves. Energy dissipation. Q of a cavity.

Course References:

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