PH5170 Quantum Mechanics II

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Orbital and spin angular momentum. Angular momentum algebra. Eigenstates and eigenvalues of angular momentum. Addition of angular momenta, Clebsch-Gordon coefficients. Irreducible tensor operators and the Wigner-Eckart theorem.
Systems of identical particles. Symmetric and antisymmetric wavefunctions. Bosons and Fermions. Pauli's exclusion principle. Second quantization, occupation number representation. Non-relativistic scattering theory. Scattering amplitude and cross- section. The integral equation for scattering. Born approximation. Partial wave analysis. The optical theorem.
Elements of relativistic quantum mechanics. The Klein-Gordon equation. The Dirac equation. Dirac matrices, spinors. Positive and negative energy solutions, physical interpretation. Nonrelativistic limit of the Dirac equation.

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