PH1010 Physics I

Course Details

Unit 1: Revisiting Newton's Laws of Motion
Concepts of inertia, force and momentum, linear and angular momenta, polar and axial vectors in Physics; conservative force fields (gravitational and electrostatic), equipotentials and the concept of gradient. Key theme: Newton?s Laws, connection between fields and potentials
Unit 2: Equilibrium and Oscillations in Physical Systems
Introduction to phase space and phase trajectories; equilibrium and stability, small oscillations, forced and dissipative oscillations, resonance; analogy between electrical and mechanical oscillating systems. Key theme: Departure from equilibrium: oscillations
Unit 3: Motion in a Central Force Field
Central potential and conservation of energy and angular momentum; effective potential, Kepler's laws (planetary motion), satellite orbits. Key theme: Symmetry and conservation laws
Unit 4: The Equation of Continuity
The concepts of flux and divergence of a force field; Gauss' theorem, equation of continuity and its physical meaning; Local description of conservation of mass and charge. Key theme: Physical significance of the equation of continuity and its universality.
Unit 5: Circulation of Vector Fields
Concepts of circulation and curl of a vector field, Stokes' theorem, irrotational vector fields; electrostatic and magnetostatic fields, fluid flow and Bernoulli?s principle; vorticity. Key theme: Concept of circulation in a variety of physical systems.

Course References:

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