GN1100 Life Skills

Course Details

The objective of this course is to expose the undergraduate students to such methods and practices that help develop and nurture qualities such as character, effective communication, right attitude, trustworthiness, dependability and holding ethical values. It will provide a lot of activities and examples for a student to learn and develop these life skills.

CourseContent: Today, everyone sees value in people who have traits and qualities that don’t stop with just the hard skills such as academic and vocational skills. Qualities such as character, effective communication, right attitude, trustworthiness and dependability while maintaining high ethical standards, go a long way in one’s success in the workplace and also in their personal life. An exposure to such skills that can be developed in this regard early among our students is paramount. This course aims at exposing the students to such skills and discussing the various techniques and methods of practice by which they can develop such skills. Making this a required part of the curriculum ensures every student’s lifelong success. This is bound to make a great impact on our students and help them shape themselves as well-rounded persons equipped skills of leading a successful life. Some of the skills that will be introduced are: Communication skills; stress management; dealing with disappointment; inner dependence, independence and inter-dependence; positive and affirmative living and assertiveness; self-awareness and self-esteem; time management; relationship responsibilities; decision making; sensitization to substance abuse; social responsibility; the importance of personal health and hygiene; understanding various dimensions of personality and intelligence;

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