EE2015 Electric Circuits & Networks

Course Details

1) Analysis of electric circuits in time and Laplace domain 2) Analysis of single phase and three-phase circuits in sinusoidal steady state. 3) Introduction to transfer functions, frequency response and Bode plots 4) Understand significance of complex power

Course Content:Current and voltage, I-V relationship for ideal sources, R, C, L, M, controlled sources in time and Laplace/frequency domain, complex impedance and admittance. Nodal and Mesh Analysis in time and Laplace domain, Superposition, Transient analysis of electrical networks, Time-domain response of 1st and 2nd order RC, RL and RLC circuits, frequency response, Bode plots, poles and zeros. Sinusoidal steady state analysis, phasors, response to periodic inputs, power and energy. Thevenin and Norton equivalents Linear two port networks and network theorems Complex power Quality factor, locus diagrams 3-phase systems

Course References:

1. Hayt, Kemmerly, and Durbin, Engineering Circuit Analysis, 8th Edition, McGraw Hill 2012 (Indian Edition).
2. Lathi, Linear systems and signals.