EP2210 Quantum Mechanics

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Uncertainty Principle. Two-slit experiment. Postulates of quantum mechanics. Linear spaces, state vectors. Probability amplitudes, probability interpretation. Schrodinger equation. Physical observables and operators. Eigenstates and eigenvalues. Expectation values of observables. Hermitian and unitary operators. Generalized uncertainty relations. Stationary states. Orthonormal basis sets. Expansions in complete sets of states. Position and momentum representations. Wavefunctions. Schrodinger equation for a particle in the position representation. Probability densities, normalization. Bound states and scattering states of a particle. One-dimensional potentials. Particle in a box. Linear harmonic oscillator - energy eigenvalues and eigenstates using the operator method. Charged particle in a uniform magnetic field. Landau levels. Motion in a central potential. Orbital angular momentum. Hydrogen atom - energy levels, degeneracy. Eigenvalues and eigenstates of angular momentum. Spin. Pauli matrices.

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