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List of Experiments:
1A Energy gap in Semiconductors
1B Energy gap of LED ?Newton?s Rings
2 Fresnel?s Bi-prism
3A Lock in amplifier circuit calibration and measurements
3B PID controller using OP-AMP
4A Velocity of ultrasonic wave in liquids
4B Latent heat of liquid nitrogen
5A Phase detector and phase locked loop
5B Digital to Analog Convertor
6 Characteristics of Reflex Klystron tube
7 A Dielectric measurement for solids and liquids
8A Second Harmonic Generation using Nd-YAG pulsed laser
8B Quantum Dots-Optical Absorption
9A Fourier analysis
9B Computational Physics
10A Numerical aperture of Optical fiber
10B Temporal and spatial coherence (Spatial coherence only)

Course References:

1. Optics; Eugene Hecht.
2. Introduction to solid state physics C. Kittle.
3. Digital principles and applications A.P. Malvino & D.P. Leach.