PH 7080 Foundation Course in Theoretical Physics

Course Details

A 56 lecture course divided intotwo parts of 40 lectures (Part I) and 16 lectures (Part II). The first part of this course, i.e. the first 40 lectures will consist of 4 sections of 10 lecture hours each.The 4 sections will address the four core areas of Classical Mechanics,Quantum Mechanics, Electrodynamics and Statistical mechanics.Each section will consist of 10 hours of problem solving plus lectures on the topic of the area.The emphasis of this part will be on problem solving.The detailed syllabus for each area is given in Part I below.The second part of this course will consist of 16 lectures on special topics, divided into 4 units of 4 lectures each, with one unit being drawn from each of the four core areas from the list provided in Part II of the syllabus below.

Course References: