PH 7090 Foundations of Experimental Physics

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Experiments that made great impact in modern physics leading to important current topics of research in frontier areas in Physics: 1. Lamb-Retherford Expt.-I / Lamb-Retherford Expt.-II / Saturation abs. spectroscopy 2. Young’s Double Slit Experiment 3. Van der Pauw method for measuring resistivity 4. Atomic Force Microscope and Scanning Tunnelling Microscope 5. Roemer's observations of the speed of light 6. Abbe-Porter Expt : Application to Optical Microscopy 7. Hall Effect VS 8. Measurement of very low magnetic fields 9. Exciting Experiments in High magnetic fields and ultra low temperatures. 10. Optical Kerr Effect 11. Newton's decomposition of sunlight with a prism(1665-1666): What if the light was of a femtosecond laser?
B List of Experiments to be Conducted/Demonstrated 1. 4 Probe- Hall Effect 2. Holography 3. Thin Film deposition and characterization techniques 4. Spectroscopy of nanomaterials 5. Kerr-lens -fs pulses 6. Dielectric constant of solids using a microwave bridge 7. DSC/TGA 8. Raman Spectrometer 9. X- Ray Diffraction.

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