Think deeply of simple things.

Carl F. Gauss

(motto of the Ross Mathematics Program)

Research Interests

My research interests include a broad range of topics in all aspects of gravitational physics - classical and quantum.

The focus is largely on physical processes that can provide a key to a better understanding of the essential and non-essential features of any candidate framework of quantum gravity, as well as a clear distinction between the two. Moreover, the same physical processes can be useful to analyse the (semi-)classical implications of any such framework. I may broadly categorise them as:

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There are, of course, inter-connections across these topics, and a common thread runs through these research themes. I have emphasized these in my Talks, and the figure below provides a concise summary. To understand it better, I suggest you go through my published work!

Mesoscopic domain of quantum spacetime

Gravitational quantum physics

Semiclassical Gravity and Black Hole physics

Statistical mechanics in curved spacetime

Other research interests