In February of 1969, Indian relativists met for the first time in a conference in Ahmedabad. It was to honour and felicitate one of the pioneers of relativity and gravitation research in India, Professor V V Narlikar on attaining 60 years of age. At this meeting Professor P C Vaidya proposed the formation of a society of Indian relativists and so was born IAGRG with Professor V V Narlikar as the founder President.

The aim of IAGRG is to promote interest in the phenomena related to Gravitation and to facilitate research in the related areas.

In 2001, during the 21st IAGRG General Body Meeting, it was proposed that the council should initiate efforts to set-up an IAGRG web-site. Thanks to the efforts of Ajit Kembhavi and his team, this was achieved by December 2002. Thus was born the IAGRG web-site at A need was felt to update the site enhancing its scope and the present site is the outcome of the on-going effort.

The web-site is conceived with two main purposes in mind.

This is intended to be a single point entry to know about IAGRG, its intent and organizational set-up including archival information, its members with contact addresses, a record of its activities and announcements of forthcoming events.

Secondly, it is intended to provide a single point access to information related to General Relativity. This includes links to educational and employment opportunities, links to research level information, links to teaching material at undergraduate and graduate level as well as links to popular level information.

The menu on the left side reflects these intentions.