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I am an Associate professor in the Department of Physics at Indian Institute of Technology Madras.

Contact details:

Jayeeta Bhattacharyya                                           
Associate Professor

Department of Physics
Indian Institute of Technology Madras
Chennai  600036
Phone : +91 44 2257 4856
Fax :
Email : jayeeta(at)iitm.ac.in,
Alternate email :  jayeeta.iitm@gmail.com


  • 23rd Feb 2022: Congratulations Subhamoy !!! for publishing your paper https://doi.org/10.1063/5.0077448
  • 7th-10th Jan 2022: Invited talk in the FDP on Advanced Semiconductor Material and Devices (ASMD 2022) at  VIT Chennai.
  • 30th Aug 2021: Invited talk in the WoS Lecture Series in St. Paul's College, Kerala.
  • 23rd August 2021: Congratulations Subhamoy !!! for publishing your first author paper https://doi.org/10.1063/5.0058515
  • 22nd - 24th August 2021: Congratulations Dinesh!!! poster session winner for ICTN-KLC 2021
  • 22nd July 2021: Invited talk in the web-colloquium on "Light matter interaction at Nanoscale"
  • 25th Jan 2021: Congratulations Anu !!! for joining NUS, Signapore as a PDF. All the best. 
  • 16th Nov 2020: Amina joined the group as PhD scholar. Welcome!!!
  • 17th July 2020: Congratulations Anu !!! for successfully defending your thesis. All the best.
  • Jan 2020: Anu submitted her PhD synopsis
  • Jan 2020: Congratulations Anu !!! for your publication in Carbon https://doi.org/10.1016/j.carbon.2020.01.097
  • December 2019: At IWPSD conference, Subhamoy gave a talk and Dinesh presented a poster
  • September 2019: Closed cycle He cryostat installed
  • September 2019: Congratulations Dinesh !!! for successfully completing your comprehensive exam
  • 26th August 2019: Seminar titled "Carrier transfer in organic semiconductor blends" delivered at IIT Tirupati
  • 22nd August 2019: Invited special lecture titled "Quantum confinement in semiconductors" delivered at D. G. Vaishnav College, Chennai
  • August 2019: Welcome Devan, to the group
  • 26-30 May 2019: EMRS Spring meeting, Nice, France  
  • April 2019: Congratulations Anu !!! for your second publication
  • April 2019: Pump probe signal set-up completed and signal measured for IR 140. 
  • Jan 2019: Congratulations Anu !!! for your first publication
  • October 2018: White light continuum generated in the lab using water cell
  • July 2018: Dinesh Kumar joined the group. Welcome!!!
  • 06-09 March 2018: Invited talk in "International School on Electron Accelerators, Free electron laser and Application of THz/electron beam",  IUAC, New Delhi, India
  • 20-22 November 2017: Congratulations Anu B. !!! ... for receiving Best poster award in iCOLD conference, IITM , Chennai, India
  • 11-15 December 2017: Anu B. and Subhamoy Sahoo presented posters in IWPSD 2017, IITD, New Delhi, India
  • 09-11 August 2017: Anu B. had an oral presentation in ICONN 2017, SRM university, Chennai, India
  • 06-07 March 2017: Invited talk in AGTaX Workshop, IUAC, New Delhi, India
  • 22-26 May 2017: Poster at E-MRS Spring Meeting, Strasbourg, France
  • 04-08 December 2016: Anu B. and Subhamoy Sahoo presented posters in Photonics 2016, IITK, Kanpur, India