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Electronic and Magnetic Materials. Thin films and bulk Oxide electronics, Magnetotransport studies in manganites and SPINTRONICS
   Recent Publications :
  1. Senthil Kumar E, S. Venkatesh and M.S. Ramachandra Rao, Oxygen vacancy controlled tunable magnetic and electrical transport properties of (Li,Ni)-codped ZnO thin films. Applied Physics Letters 96, 232504 (2010).

  2. B. Ramachandran, N. Sudarshan, and M. S. Ramachandra Rao, Magnetoimpedance and magnetodielectric properties of single phase 45PMN-20PFW-35PT ceramics. Journal of  Appl.Phys 107, 09C503 (2010).

  3. N. Rama and M.S. Ramachandra Rao, Synthesis and study of electrical and magnetic properties of vanadium oxide micro and nanosized rods grown using pulsed laser deposition technique. Solid State Communications 150, 1041 (2010).

  4. B. Ramachandran, A Dixit, R. Naik, G. Lawes, and M .S. Ramachandra Rao, Charge transfer and electronic transitions in polycrystalline BiFeO3. Phys. Rev. B 82, 012102 (2010).

  5. B. Ramachandran  and  M .S. Ramachandra Rao , Low temperature magnetocaloric effect in polycrystalline BiFeO3 ceramics. Applied Physics Letters 95, 142505 (2009).

  6. K. Balamurugan, N. Harish Kumar, B. Ramachandran, M.S. Ramachandra Rao, J. Arout Chelvane,P.N. Santhosh, Magnetic and optical properties of Mn-doped BaSnO3. Solid  State Communications 149, 884 (2009).

  7. Shubra Singh and M.S .Ramachandra Rao, Green light emitting oxygen deficient ZnO forks, brooms and spheres.  Scripta Materialia 61, 169 (2009).

  8. Shubra Singh, E. Senthil Kumar and M. S. Ramachandra Rao,  Microstructural Study of Assorted ZnO Nanostructures: Nanocombs, Nanocones and Microspheres. Journal of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology 9 (2009).

  9. Shubra singh and M.S.Ramachandra Rao, Optical and electrical resistivity studies of isovalent and aliovalent 3d transition metal ion doped ZnO. Phys. Rev. B 80, 045210 (2009).

  10. Deepak Venkateshvarn, Matthias Althammer, Andrea Nielsen,  Stephan Geprags,M.S. Ramachandra Rao, Sebastian T.B. Goennenwein, Matthias Opel, and Rudolf Gross, Epitaxial ZnxFe3−xO4 thin films: A spintronic material with tunable electrical and magnetic properties.  Phys. Rev. B 79, 134405 (2009).
  11. P Kharel, S Talebi , B Ramachandran ,  A Dixi, V M Naik, M B Sahana, C Sudakar, R Naik,  M.S. Ramachandra Rao, and G Lawes, Structural, magnetic, and electrical studies on polycrystalline transition-metal-doped BiFeO3 thin films.  J. Phys.: Condens. Matter 21, 036001(2009).

  12. Panchatcharam Thiyagarajan, M. Kottaisamy, K. Sethupathi and and M.S. Ramachandra Raob,A new red colour emitting phosphor – ZnS : Mn co-doped with Ba for electroluminescent (EL) displays.Displays30, 202 (2009).

  13. E. Senthil Kumar, Reddy S.R, M.S. Ramachandra Rao, Synthesis of novel ZnO hexagonal nanocones by direct thermal evaporation method.  J. Nanosci. Nanotechnol.  9, (2009).

  14. Deepak Venkateshvaran, Wolfgang Kaiser, Andrea Boger,  Matthias Althammer, M .S. Ramachandra Rao, Sebastian T.B. Goennenwein,  Matthias Opel, and Rudolf Gross, Anomalous Hall effect in magnetite: Universal scaling relation between Hall and longitudinal conductivity in low-conductivity ferromagnets.  Phys. Rev. B 78, 092405(2008).

  15. K. Mohan Kant, K. Sethupathi and M.S. Ramachandra Rao,Tuning the magnetization dynamics of silica-coated Fe3O4 core-shell nanoparticles by shell thickness control. J. Appl.Phys 103, 07D501 (2008).

  16. Shubra Singh, N. Rama, K. Sethupathi and M.S. Ramachandra Rao, Correlation between electrical transport, optical, and magnetic properties of transition metal ion doped ZnO.J. Appl. Phys.103, 07D108 (2008).

  17. Shubra singh, E. Senthil Kumar and M.S. Ramachandra Rao, Microstructural opticaland electrical properties of Cr doped ZnO. Scripta Materialia 58, 866 (2008).

  18. Shubra Singh, Bhaskar Reddy, S.Kottaisamy and M.S. Ramachandra Rao, Formation of ZnO Nano Brushes in direct atmosphere using carbon catalyst and Zn metal source.  Nano, 3, (2008).

  19. K .Moahan kant, K.Sethupathi and M.S. Ramachandra Rao, Role of oxide barrier in integranular tunnel junctions: An enhanced magnetoresistnace in SiO2and ZnO-coated Fe3O4 nanopartilces compacts. J. Appl. Phys 103,07F318 (2008).

  20. K .Moahankant, K. Sethupathi and M.S. Ramachandra Rao,Tuning the magentization dyanmics of silica-coated Fe3O4 core-shell nanoparticles by shell thickness control. J.Appl. Phy. 103, 07D5012828574 (2008).

  21. Shubra Singh, N .Rama, K.Sethupathi and M.S. Ramachandra Rao, Correlation between elctrical transport .optical and magnetic properties of transition metal ion doped ZnO. J .Appl. Phys 103, 07D108 (2008).

  22. N. Rama ,V .Sankaranarayanan and M.S. Ramachandra Rao, Electrical resistivity,thermoelectric power and electron spin resonance on  Pr1xSrxMnO3 (x=0.2,0.26 and 0.3 ). J.Alloys and Compounds 466, 12 (2008).

  23. Shubra Singh and M.S.Ramachandra Rao, Structural and physical properties of undoped and vanadium doped ZnO films deposited by pulsed laser deposition. J. Nanoscience and Nanotchnology  8 (2008).

  24. P. Thiyagarajan, Brajesh Tiwari, M. Kottaisamy, N. Rama and M. S. Ramachandra Rao, UV excitable Y2-x-yGdySiO5:Cex phosphors for cool white light emission.  Appl. Phys. A Material Science and Processing 94 607 (2009).

  25. P. Thiyagarajan, M. Kottaisamy, N. Rama and M. S. Ramachandra Rao, White light     emitting diode synthesis using near Ultraviolet excitation on ZnO- SiO2 nanocomposite. Scripta Materialia 59 722 (2008).

  26. Shubra Singh  P. Thiyagarajan, K. Mohan Kant ,Tirupathiah, B. Tiwari, N. Rama, M.M.K. Samy and M .S .Ramachandra Rao, Topical Review ,Structural and physical properties of ZnO based materials in various forms: Bulk ,thin film and nano.  J.Phys.D:Applied Physics 40,6312 (2007).

  27. Maneesh Chandran , K. Mohan Kant, N.Rama and M.S.Ramachandra Rao, PLD Growth of CNTs using a Nanostructured Ni Buffer Layer : Dependence of H2 partial Pressure. MRS, 0951-E06-15 (2007).

  28. P.Thiyagarajan , M.K. Kottaisamy and M .S. Ramachandra Rao , Pulsed laser deposited oxide green emitting thin film phosphors:optimization of growth conditions. Mater.Res.Soc.Symp.Proc 0988-QQ06-12 (2007).

  29. N.Rama , J.B .Philipp , M. Opel , V. Sankaranarayanan , R. Gross  and  M . S .Ramachandra Rao , Effects of substrate on the electrical transport property of Ba2 FeNbO6 double perovskite thin films.  J.Phy. D: Appl.Phys. 40, 1430 (2007).

  30. S .Bahskar Reddy, K. Prasad Rao and M.S. Ramachandra Rao, Nanocrystalline barium zinconate titanate synthesized at low temperature by an aques co-precipitation technique. Scripta Materialia 57, 591 (2007).

  31. G .Mangamma, K. Mohan Kant, M.S. Ramachandra Rao, S. Kalavathy, M. Kamruddin, S. Dash and A.K. Tyagi, SPM Characterization of pulsed Laser Deposited Nanocrystalline CrN Hard Coatings.  J .Nanosci. Nanotechnology 7, 2176 (2007).

  32. S.Bhaskar Reddy, M.S. Ramachandra Rao  and K Prasad Rao, Obesrvation of high permittivity in Ho substituted BaZr0.1Ti0.9O3 ceramics.  Appl.Phy.Lett. 91, 022917 (2007).

  33. S .Bhaskar Reddy, M.S. Ramachandra Rao and K Prasad Rao, Structural and dielectric characterization of Sr substituted Ba (Zr,Ti)) 3 based functional materials.  Applied Physics A: Materials Science & Processing, A89, 1011 (2007).

  34. N. Rama , V .Sankaranarayanan , M.Opel, R.Gross and M. S . Ramachandra Rao, Influnece of disorder on the low and high temperature magnetization and magnetoresistance in Pr0.6R0.1Sr0.3MnO3 (R =Tb,Y,Ho and Er ) manganite .  Journal of Alloys and Compounds 443 , 7 (2007).

  35. P.Thiyagarajan, M .Kottaisamy and M.S. Ramachandra Rao, Structural and luminescence properties of pulsed laser deposited green emitting Zn2SiO4:Mn phosphor thin films. Scripta Materials 57(5), 433 (2007).

  36. P. Thiyagarajan , M. Koattaisamy and M. S. Ramachandra Rao, Improved luminescent properties of Zn2SiO4:Mn green phosophor prepared from a gel combustion synthesized ZnO:Mn-SiO2 .  J . Electrochem. Soc. 154 (4), H297-H303 (2007).

  37. P.Thiyagarajan, M.Kottaisamy and M. S. Ramachandra Rao, Luminescent properties of near UV excitable Ba2ZnS3:Mn red emitting phosphor blend for white LED and display applications.  Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics 39, 2701 (2006).

  38. P Thiyagarajan ,M .Kottaisamy and M .S.Ramachandra Rao, Influence of sulphur and charge compenstor on tth luminescent properties of SrS:Ce prepared from SrSO4:Ce(SO4)2. Master .Res. Bull 42(4), 753-761 (2006).

  39. Shubra Singh, N. Rama and M.S. Ramachandra Rao, Influence of d-d transition bands on electrical resistivity in Ni-doped polycrystalline ZnO. Applied Physics Letters 88, 222111 (2006).

  40. N. Rama, V. Sankaranarayanan and M.S. Ramachandra Rao , Role of double exchange interaction on the magnetic and electrical properties of Pr0.8Sr0.2MnO3 ferromagnetic insulating manganite.J.Appl.Phys 99, 08Q315 (2006). 

  41. N. Rama, K. Mohan Kant, V. Sankaranarayanan  and M.S. Ramachandra Rao , Effect of Ar annealing on the magnetic and transport properties of Pr0.7Sr0.3MnO3. J. Magn. Magn. Mater 302 e342-e346 (2006).

  42. K. Mohan Kant, N. Mahipal Reddy, N. Rama, K. Sethupathi and M.S. Ramachandra Rao, Electrical transport and morphological study of PLD-grown nanostructured   amorphous carbon thin films. IOP science, Nanotechnology 17, 5244 (2006).

  43. S. Bhaskar Reddy, K. Mohan Kant, M. Opel, K. Prasad Rao, R. Gross and M.S.Ramachandra Rao , Ferroelectric and magnetic property study of Ho2CuTiO6 double perovskite.  J. Magn. Magn. Mater303(2), e332 (2006).

  44. M. S. Ramachandra Rao, Darshan C. Kundaliya, S. J. Welz, S. B. Ogale, Abhijit S. Ogale, L. Fu, V. Zaitsev, B. Varughese,  C. A. Cardoso, A. Curtin, S. Dhar, S. R.Shinde, S. E. Lofland, Steven Schwarz, N. D. Browning, and T. Venkatesan , Search for ferromagnetism in undoped and cobalt-doped HfO2- . Applied Physics Letters 88, 142505 (2006).


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