Some administrative work till now (2016) is as follows:


1.        Member, Advisory Committee of the Central Library, IITM.

2.        Member, Department Consultation Committee, Physics, IITM.

3.        Member, Board of IC & SR, IITM (2006-2007).

4.        Member, Board of Academic Research, IITM (2010-2012).

5.        Faculty Advisor, M.Sc. students (2011-12, 2013-15), B. Tech (EP) students (2012-13).

6.        Coordinator, Physics Theory (PH1020) for ~840 B. Tech. students, IITM.

7.        Coordinator, Lab courses EP3290, EP3291 for Engineering Physics students, Physics, IITM (Since more than 5 years).

8.        Coordinator, Course on Foundation of Experimental Physics (FEP) for Ph.D. students, Physics, IITM.

9.        Member, Prizes, Awards and Scholarship Sub-Committee, IITM (2010-2013).

10.     Warden, Jamuna Hostel, IIT Madras (2006-2009. Member, Council of Wardens, IITM
(As a warden of Jamuna Hostel: click here for interesting reading material for students).

11.     President, Staff Club, IIT Madras (Nov. 2011-Apr. 2014)

12.     Professor-in-charge, Human Resources Development (Dec. 26, 2012-).

13.     Member PPC(ICSR), IITM (2012-2014) and Chairman (2015-).

14.     Chairman, Prizes, Awards and Scholarship Sub-Committee, IITM (2013-14, 2014-15).

15.     Group Leader, Ultrafast Lasers and Optical Amplifiers (a Research Lab), IITM.