Ultrafast Lasers and Optical Amplifiers
Physics department, IIT Madras, Chennai 600 036, India

Present members of the group


The group is led by :Dr. Prem B. Bisht

Whispering gallery modes, Optical parametric amplifiers, Ultrafast laser optics and microscopy, Cavity QED effects, Forster energy transfer, Excited state relaxation Supersonic free jet, Fluorescence up- and down-conversion.

Graduate Students

Field of research

Debojyoti Ray Chawdhury

Fluorescence Microscopy: Whispering Gallery Modes (WGM)

Sugandh Sirohi

Low dimensional systems-time-resolved and nonlinear optics

Shouvik Chawdhury

Plamonics, nano micro-optics and spectroscopy



Post doctoral fellows

Dr. Tulika Agrawal

Dec. 15-2022- June 2023

Dr. Shruti Narayanan

Dec 2022-

Project Students


Krishna Yadav




Former students




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