Dr. Prem B. Bisht


Physics Department, Indian Institute of Technology Madras, 600 036

bisht at itm dot ac dot in ; Phone: +91(India)-44-2257-4866 (o),

Fax : 2257-0545, 2257-4852

Teaching and Talks:

Following courses have been taught in Physics at undergraduate (B. Tech.) and postgraduate level (M. Sc., M. Tech., Ph.D.) at IIT Madras recently

Laser Theory

Ultrafast Lasers and Applications

Nonlinear Optical Processes and Devices


Introduction to Engineering Optics

Electromagnetic Theory

(i). Coordinated Jan-May 2010 & Jan-May 2011 (for 800 B.Tech. students) Here & Here are the links to the time table.

(ii). Jan-May 2013

Part of 'Foundations of Experimental Physics' [Core course for Graduate students (Ph.D.)]

Part of 'EP101:Introduction to Engineering Physics'

Experimental Techniques

Lab Courses [B. Tech.: PH1030, PH1040, EP3190, EP4190], M. Tech., M. Sc. and Preparatory Course).
Mechanics, Optics and Electromagnetism

Here is the list of more than 55 courses (with students' feedback, where available):taught/coordinated during last 15 years.


Here is the link to some of the recent Talks.