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About the Center

The promise of new quantum technologies including a quantum computer has fueled and accelerated research in various aspects of Quantum Information Science (QIS). At the heart of these developments are remarkable abstract breakthroughs that are completely theoretical and mathematical in nature. The proposed Center, premised on the evident fact that strong theoretical foundations are a cornerstone for any new technology, concentrates on the exciting theoretical and mathematical frontiers of quantum information and its applications, encompassing an entire gamut of physical systems, from quantum matter to the very structure of spacetime.

The Center will initially bring together theorists and mathematicians across three departments: Physics, Mathematics and Electrical engineering. With expertise in quantum information theory, quantum coding, metrology, quantum condensed matter physics, string theory, quantum optics, nuclear physics, and operator algebras, the proposed Center will be well poised to nucleate interactions and collaborations that will have definite international impact almost immediately. It has also been appreciated that QIT is central to the understanding of the holographic duality that conjoins the mysteries of black holes and strongly correlated many-body systems.

The problems that we propose to tackle can be classified naturally into the following three themes around which this proposal is organized.

T1. The mathematical aspects of quantum information

T2. Quantum dynamics matter and information

T3. Quantum information fields and spacetime

There are multiple threads that interconnect the three themes ranging from entanglement to black hole physics, complexity and many body physics. These areas use common tools such as tensor-networks quantum in formation theoretic methods, and operator algebras to examine various problems detailed in the proposal.