CNT based Cancer Treatment and Drug Delivery

The development of functionalized Carbon nanotube (f-CNT) nanovehicles by covalent bond approach involves spacers for the attachment of drugs on the f-CNT. To overcome this spacer problem, it is essential that the drug molecules should directly be covalent bonded with f-CNT to reduce the diameter of the nanovector to pave way for easy penetration through the cell barrier with more drugs. In the present work, the drug attachment to the spacerless nanovectors was ensured by HRTEM and the compositions were analysis by CHN-S analytical techniques.The non-toxicity of MWNT based nanovectors was confirmed by MTT assay and confocal microscope images. 

This finding eliminates the need for the spacer and this novel route can be used as a good model for synthesizing spacerless targeted drug delivery system and for cancer treatment. Recently, We have developed ” Chemically Exfoliated Spacerless Graphene Oxide System” for Cancer Treatment and Drug Delivery.

Nanocomposite based Novel, Flexible, Nerve Guide Conduit

Neurons are highly influenced by electrical stimuli due to their inherent nature of transmitting electrical signals within nervous system. Nerve injuries occur through accidents, idiopathic damage, iatrogenic injuries, compression syndromes and systemic disease resulting in loss of significant functions such as control of movement and sensory information. Therefore, restoration of seered nerve pathways through artificial nerve guide conduit (NGC) is essential for proper functioning of human body.

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