(Note that this page is still under construction.)

The members of the Centre currently work on the following three broad areas of research:

  • String theory
  • Classical and quantum gravity
  • Cosmology
  • Gravitational waves

In the context of string theory, ..... In the context of classical and quantum gravity, the group has been investigating the physics of black holes and possible quantum gravitational corrections to standard results in quantum field theory. In cosmology, members of the group have been working towards understanding the physics of the early universe and exploring alternatives to the standard paradigms. We have also been comparing models of the early universe with the cosmological data. In the context of gravitational waves, the group has gathered considerable expertise on gravitational waves emitted by coalescing compact binaries observed by gravitational wave detectors such as advanced LIGO. Moreover, members of the group have been developing efficient codes to arrive at constraints on parameters describing theories of gravitation and cosmology using the advanced LIGO data.