Nanoscience and Nanotechnology: Fundamentals to Frontiers


Nanoscience and nanotechnology are evolving at a rapid pace and there have been a number of scientific and technological advancements in these fields in recent times. This book explains scientific foundations governing the functionality of nanostructures and makes the reader familiar with several basic and application aspects of nano-structured systems. This book is designed as a Nanoscience and Nanotechnology course text book that could be offered by Physics, Materials Science and Nanoscience streams in various core departments and nanotechnology centers and other related departments in universities, institutes and colleges.

ZnO nanostructures and Allied Materials


ZnO has been the central theme of research in the past decade due to its various applications in band gap engineering, and textile and biomedical industries. In nanostructured form, it offers ample opportunities to realize tunable optical and optoelectronic properties and it was also termed as a potential material to realize room temperature ferromagnetism. This book presents 17 high-quality contributory chapters on ZnO related systems written by experts in this field. These chapters will help researchers to understand and explore the varied physical properties to envisage device applications of ZnO in thin film, heterostructure and nanostructure forms.