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Assistant Professor

Surface, Interface, and Defects controlled Structure-Property Correlations: Synthesis, Structure and Properties of Magnetic, Optical and Electronic Materials
Multifunctional Materials physics Group
    Book chapter:
  1. C. Sudakar, S. Singh, M.S. Ramachandra Rao, G. Lawes, “The role of defects in multifunctional oxide nanostructures”, Functional Metal Oxide Nanostructures, Junqiao Wu, Weiqiang Han, Ho-Cheol Kim, Anderson Janotti, Jinbo Cao (Editors), Springer (submitted).
   Recent Publications :
    1. O. D. Jayakumar, S. N. Achary, C. Sudakar, R. Naik, H. G. Salunke, Rekha Rao, X. Peng, R. Ahuja, and A. K. Tyagi “Experimental and theoretical investigations on magnetic behavior of (Al,Co) co-doped ZnO nanoparticles” Nanoscale (accepted).

    2. C. Sudakar*, A. Dixit, Sanjiv Kumar, M.B. Sahana, G. Lawes, R. Naik and V.M. Naik,  “Coexistence of anion and cation vacancy defects in vacuum-annealed In2O3 thin films”, Scripta Materialia 62(2), 63 (2010) * corresponding author.

    3. A. Dixit, C. Sudakar, R. Naik and V.M. Naik, G. Lawes, “Undoped vacuum annealed In2O3 thin films as a transparent conducting oxide”,Appl. Phys. Lett95192105 (2009).

    4. O.D. Jayakumar, C. Sudakar, C. Persson, V. Sudarsan, T. Sakuntala, R. Naik, and A.K. Tyagi, “1D Morphology stabilization and enhanced magnetic properties of Co:ZnO nanostructures on codoping with Li:A template free synthesis”, Crystal Growth and Design, 2009 (Article ASAP).

    5. M.B. Sahana, C. Sudakar, C. Thapa, V.M. Naik, G.W. Auner, R. Naik, K. P. Padmanabhan “The effect of titanium on the lithium intercalation capacity of V2O5 thin films", Thin Solid Films, 517(24), 6642, (2009).

    6. O. D. Jayakumar, S. N. Achary, K. G. Girija, A. K. Tyagi, C. Sudakar, G. Lawes, R. Naik, J. Nisar, X. Peng, R. Ahuja, “Theoretical and experimental evidence of enhanced ferromagnetism in Ba and Mn co-substituted BiFeO3”, Appl. Phys. Lett. 96, 032903 (2010)

    7. Raghava P. Panguluri, P. Kharel, C. Sudakar, R. Naik, R. Suryanarayanan, V.M. Naik, A.G. Petukhov, B. Nadgorny, G. Lawes, "Ferromagnetism and spin-polarized charge carriers in In2O3 thin films", Phys. Rev. B 79, 165208 (2009). (No need for
      chromium-Highlight appearing in Nature Materials, Vol.8, p446, 2009

    8. P. Kharel, C. Sudakar, A. Dixit, A. B. Harris, R. Naik and G. Lawes, "Electric field control of a magnetic phase transition in Ni3V2O8", European Physics Letters, 86, 17007 (2009)

    9. R. Sasikala, A. Shirole, V. Sudarsan, T. Sakuntala, C. Sudakar, R. Naik and S. R.Bharadwaj, “Highly dispersed phase of SnO2 on TiO2 nanoparticles synthesized by polyol mediated route: photocatalytic activity for hydrogen generation”, Int. J. Hydrogen Energy, 34(9), 3621 (2009)

    10. P. Kharel, S. Talebi, B. Ramachandran, A. Dixit, V.M. Naik, M.B. Sahana, C. Sudakar, R. Naik, M.S.R. Rao, G. Lawes, "Structural, magnetic, and electrical studies on polycrystalline transition metal doped BiFeO3 thin films", J. Phys. Cond. Matter. 21 (2009) 036001

    11. M.B. Sahana, C. Sudakar, G. Setzler, A. Dixit, J.S. Thakur, G. Lawes, R. Naik, V.M. Naik, and P.P. Vaishnava "Band Gap Engineering by Tuning Particle Size and Crystallinity of SnO2-Fe2O3 Nanocrystalline Composite Thin Films” Appl. Phys. Lett. 93 (2008) 231909  

    12. C. Rablau, P.P. Vaishnava, C. Sudakar, R. Tackett, G. Lawes, and R. Naik, "Magnetic-field-induced optical anisotropy in ferrofluids:A novel time-dependent light scattering investigation", Phys. Rev E 78 (2008) 051502

    13. R. Sasikala, V. Sudarsan, T. Sakuntala, N. Jagannath, C. Sudakar, R  Naik, S. R Bharadwaj, “Nano particles of vanadia-zirconia catalysts synthesized by polyol mediated route: Enhanced selectivity for the oxidative dehydrogenation of propane to propene” Applied Catalysis A: General, 350(2), 252-258 (2008)

    14. A. Dixit, C. Sudakar, R. Naik, G. Lawes, J.S. Thakur, E. F. McCullen, G.W. Auner, and V.M. Naik, "Phase separation and optical properties in oxygen-rich InN films", Appl. Phys. Lett., 93, 142103 (2008)

    15. C. Sudakar, B. Kirby, Sanjiv kumar, K. Padmanabhan, R. Naik, V.M. Naik and G. Lawes, “Ferromagnetism in CuO-ZnO multilayers”, Appl. Phys. Lett., 93, 042502 (2008)

    16. C. Sudakar, A. Dixit, R Regmi, R Naik, G Lawes, V M. Naik, P P. Vaishnava, U Toti and J Panyam, “Fe3O4 incorporated AOT-Alginate nanoparticles for drug delivery”, IEEE Trans Magn. 44(11),(2008) 2800.

    17. C. Sudakar, P. Kharel, G. Lawes, R. Suryanarayanan, V. M. Naik, R. Naik, “Exchange bias in vacuum annealed Co3-yZnyO4 (y=0, 0.25, and 1) Thin Films”, Appl. Phys. Lett., 92, 062501 (2008).

    18. C. Sudakar, P. Kharel, R. Suryanarayanan, J. S. Thakur, V. M. Naik, R. Naik, G. Lawes, “Room temperature ferromagnetism in vacuum annealed TiO2 thin films”, J. Magn. Magn. Mater. - Letter to the Editor, 320, L31-L36, (2008). (Top 25 hottest articles, Oct 2007-Mar 2008)

    19. C. Sudakar, J.V. Mantese, A.L. Micheli, R. Naik, G. Srinvasan, S.P. Alpay, G. Lawes, “Internal Magnetostatic Potentials of Magnetization-Graded Ferromagnetic Materials” Appl. Phys. Lett. 90, 062502 (2007).

    20. C. Sudakar, J.S. Thakur, G. Lawes, R. Naik, V. M. Naik, “Ferromagnetism induced by planar nanoscale CuO inclusions in Cu-doped ZnO thin films”, Phys. Rev. B, 75, 054423 (2007)

    21. C. Sudakar, P. Kharel, R. Naik, G. Lawes, “Synthesis and characterization of thin film multiferroic Ni3V2O8”  Philosophical Magazine Letters, 87 (3-4) p223, (2007)

    22. C. Sudakar, P. Kharel, G. Lawes, R. Suryanarayanan, R. Naik and V. M. Naik, “Raman spectroscopic studies of oxygen defects in Co-doped ZnO films exhibiting room-temperature ferromagnetism”, J.Phys.: Condens. Matter19 (2007) 026212

    23. C. Sudakar, T.R.N. Kutty, "Electrical and magnetoresistance properties of composites consisting of iron nanoparticles within the hexaferrites’’ Journal of Electronic Materials, 33 (2004), 1280-1288

    24. C. Sudakar, T.R.N. Kutty,  "Structural and magnetic characteristics of cobalt ferrite-coated nano-fibrous g -Fe2O3’’ Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials, 279 (2004), 363-374.

    25. C. Sudakar, G.N. Subbanna, T.R.N. Kutty,   "Nanoparticle composites having structural intergrowths of hexaferrite and spinel ferrites prepared by gel-to-crystallite conversion and their magnetic properties’’    Journal of Magn and Magn Materials,  268 (2004),  75-88.

    26. C. Sudakar, G.N. Subbanna, T.R.N. Kutty,  "Hexaferrite-FeCo nanocomposite particles and their electrical and magnetic properties at high frequencies"    Journal of Applied Physics 94 (2003) 6030-6033.

    27. C. Sudakar, G.N. Subbanna, T.R.N. Kutty,   "Wet chemical synthesis of multicomponent hexaferrites by gel-to-crystallite conversion and their magnetic properties" Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials  263 (2003)  253-268.

    28. C. Sudakar, G.N. Subbanna, T.R.N. Kutty, "Synthesis of acicular hydrogoethite (α-FeOOH : xH2O; 0.1 < x < 0.22) particles using morphology controlling cationic additives and magnetic properties of maghemite derived from hydrogoethite" Journal of Materials Chemistry 12  (2002),  107-116.

    29. C. Sudakar, G.N. Subbanna, T.R.N. Kutty,  "Nanoparticles of barium hexaferrite by gel to crystallite conversion and their magnetic properties" Journal of Electroceramics 6 (2001) 123-134.

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