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Assistant Professor

Electronic properties of Graphene.Mesoscopic Physics
Condensed Matter Physics
   Recent Publications :
  1. Colossal enhancement of spin–orbit coupling in weakly hydrogenated graphene.         
    J. Balakrishnan, G. Koon, Manu Jaiswal, A. H. Castro Neto, B. Ozyilmaz                           
    Nature Physics doi:10.1038/nphys2576 (2013)

  2. R.S. Kajen, N. Chandrasekhar, K.L. Pey, C. Vijila, Manu Jaiswal, et al.,                              
    Charge transport in lightly reduced graphene oxide: A transport energy perspective
    J. Appl. Phys., 113, 063710, (2013).

  3. Y. Wang,* Manu Jaiswal,* M. Lin, S. Saha, B. Ozyilmaz, K.P. Loh                                            
    Electronic Properties of Nano-diamond Decorated Graphene                                                    
    ACS Nano
     6, 1018-1025 (2012) (* = equal contributor)

  4. R.S. Kajen, N. Chandrasekhar, K.L. Pey, C. Vijila, Manu Jaiswal, et al.,                              
    Charge transport in lightly reduced graphene oxide: A transport energy perspective                                     
    ECS Solid State Lett. 2: M17-M19 (2012).                                                      

  5. Y. Tao, B. Varghese, Manu Jaiswal et al                                                         
    Localized insulator-conductor transformation of graphene oxide thin films via focused laser beam irradiation.
    Appl. Phys. A
     106, 523-531 (2012)   

  6. Manu Jaiswal, C.H.Y.X. Lim, Q. Bao, C.T. Toh, K.P. Loh, B. Ozyilmaz
    Controlled Hydrogenation of Graphene Sheets and Nanoribbons
    ACS Nano, 5, 888, (2011).

  7. P.K. Ang, A. Li, Manu Jaiswal, Y. Wang, H.W. Hou, J.T. L. Thong, C.T. Lim,  K. P. Loh
    Flow Sensing of Single Cell by Graphene Transistor in a Microfluidic Channel
    Nano Letters, 11, 5240-5246 (2011).

  8. Avsar, T. Yang, S. Bae, J. Balakrishnan, F. Volmer, Manu Jaiswal, S.R. Ali, G. Guentherodt, BH Hong, B Beschoten, B Ozyilmaz,
    Towards Wafer Scale Fabrication of Graphene Based Spin Valve Devices,
    Nano Letters, 11, 2363, (2011).

  9. T.-Y. Yang, J. Balakrishnan, F. Volmer, A. Avsar, Manu Jaiswal, G. Güntherodt, B. Beschoten, B. Özyilmaz,
    Observation of Long Spin Relaxation Times in Bilayer Graphene at Room Temperature,
    Physical Review Letters, 107, 047207, (2011).

  10. A. Pachoud*, Manu Jaiswal*, P.K. Ang, K.P. Loh, B. Ozyilmaz
    Graphene Transport at High Carrier Densities Using a Polymer Electrolyte Gate,
    EPL (Europhysics Letters), 92, 27001, (2010). (*= equal contributor)
    Selected as Editor’s Choice and EPL best of 2010

  11. P.K. Ang*, Manu Jaiswal*, C.H.Y.X. Lim, Y. Wang, J. Sankaran, A. Li, C.T. Lim, T. Wohland, B. Ozyilmaz, K.P. Loh,
    A Bioelectronic Platform Using Graphene: Lipid Bilayer Interface
    ACS Nano, 4, 7387, (2010). (*= equal contributor)

  12. K.K. Manga, S. Wang, Manu Jaiswal, Q. Bao, K.P. Loh,
    High-Gain Graphene-Titanium Oxide Photoconductor Made from Inkjet Printable Ionic Solution,        
    Advanced Materials, 22, 5265, (2010). Cover Page Article.

  13. C.S.S. Sangeeth, Manu Jaiswal, R. Menon
    Estimation of Charge Transport Parameters and Equivalent Circuit for Poly Alkyl Thiophene Field-Effect Transistors
    American Institute of Physics: Conference Proceedings, CP1313, 140,(2010).

  14. Manu Jaiswal, C.S.S. Sangeeth, R. Menon,
    Electro-Conductance of Single-Wall Carbon Nanotubes,                                                         
    Applied Physics Letters, 95, 032111, (2009).

  15. C.S.S. Sangeeth, Manu Jaiswal and R. Menon
    Photo-impedance Characterization of Polymer Field-Effect Transistor,                          
    Applied Physics Letters, 95, 093308, (2009).

  16. Manu Jaiswal, C.S.S. Sangeeth, W. Wang, Y.-P. Sun, R. Menon,
    Field-Effect and Frequency-Dependent Transport in Semiconductor-Enriched Single-Wall Carbon Nanotube Network Devices
    Journal of NanoScience and Nanotechnology, 9, 6533, (2009).

  17. C.S.S. Sangeeth, Manu Jaiswal, R. Menon,
    Correlation of Morphology and Charge Transport in Poly (3,4-  ethylenedioxythiophene)  –  Polystyrenesulfonic  Acid (PEDOT:PSS) Films
    J. Phys.: Condens. Matter (Fast Track Communication), 21, 072101, (2009).

  18. C.S.S. Sangeeth, Manu Jaiswal, R. Menon,
    Charge Transport in Novel Transparent Conductors – a Comparison,
    J. Appl. Phys., 105, 063713, (2009).

  19. T. B. Singh, N.S. Sariciftci, Manu Jaiswal, R. Menon,
    Organic Field-effect Transistors: from materials to device physics
    Handbook of Organic Electronics and Photonics (Vol. 3), 36, 153, (2008).

  20. Manu Jaiswal, W. Wang, K.A.S. Fernando, Y.-P. Sun, R. Menon,
    Charge Transport in Transparent Single-Wall Carbon Nanotube Networks,               
    J. Phys.: Condens. Matter, 19, 446006, (2007).

  21. Manu Jaiswal, W. Wang, K.A.S. Fernando, Y.-P. Sun, R. Menon,
    Magnetotransport in Transparent Single-Wall Carbon Nanotube Networks,
    Physical Review B, 76, 113401, (2007).

  22. P.K. Choudhury, Manu Jaiswal, R. Menon, 
    Magnetoconductance in Single-Wall Carbon Nanotubes: Electron-Electron Interaction and Weak Localization Contributions
    Physical Review B, 76, 235432, (2007).

  23. Manu Jaiswal, R. Menon,
    Polymer Electronics – a Review of Charge Transport,
    Polymer International, 55, 1371-1384, (2006).

  24. Manu Jaiswal, R. Menon,
    Equivalent-Circuit Model For an Organic Field-Effect Transistor From Impedance Measurements Under DC Bias,
    Applied Physics Letters, 88, 123504, (2006).

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