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Dr. Tripathy Prasanta 's Profile


Assistant Professor

String Theory
   Recent Publications :
  1. S. Nampuri, P. K. Tripathy and S. P. Trivedi
    On the stability of non-supersymmetric attractors in string theory.
    JHEP 0708:054,2007; e-Print: arXiv:0705.4554 [hep-th]

  2. P. K . Tripathy and S. P. TrivediNon-supersymmetric attractors in string theory.
    JHEP 0603:022,2006; e-Print Archive: hep-th/0511117

  3. D. Lust, S. Reffert, W. Schulgin and P. K. TripathyFermion zero modes in the presence of fluxes and a non-perturbative superpotential.
    e-Print Archive: hep-th/0509082

  4. P. K . Tripathy and S. P. TrivediD3 brane action and fermion zero modes in presence of background flux.
    JHEP 0506:066,2005, e-Print Archive: hep-th/0503072

  5. L. Gorlich, S. Kachru, P. K. Tripathy and S. P. TrivediGaugino condensation and nonperturbative superpotentials in flux compactifications.
    JHEP 0412:074,2004; e-Print Archive: hep-th/0407130

  6. A. Giryavets, S. Kachru and P. K. TripathyOn the taxonomy of flux vacua.
    JHEP 0408:002,2004; e-Print Archive: hep-th/0404243

  7. A. Giryavets, S. Kachru, P. K. Tripathy and S. P. TrivediFlux compactifications on Calabi-Yau threefolds.
    JHEP 0404:003,2004; e-Print Archive: hep-th/0312104

  8. P. K . Tripathy and S. P. TrivediCompactification with flux on K3 and tori.
    JHEP 0303:028,2003; e-Print Archive: hep-th/0301139

  9. S. Kachru, M. B. Schulz, P. K. Tripathy and S. P. TrivediNew supersymmetric string compactifications.
    Published in JHEP 0303:061,2003; e-Print Archive: hep-th/0211182

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